7 Reasons Why We Love Yan’s House Hotel Bali

Where to stay in Bali? That is a question everybody asks me during the holiday season from a friend travelling with their family, the instagramer, the adventurous pack of boys, the reunion gank, the honeymooners and the solo-traveller. Everybody wants somewhere near the beaches, have great rooms and restaurants, yet affordable. Now, I have one answer to this question: just stay at Yan’s House. Here’s why I love it…

It’s like going to your family’s house in Bali. When you stay at Yan’s House Hotel Bali, you are part of Yan’s family. Since the first time you walk in, you will be greeted with a big smile. A big macaroon and fresh fruit juice (kedondong or salak) will be served to welcome you. Staying here means you will get the comfort of a home, and the famous Bali hospitality. That is why it has a perfect tagline: Make it Memorable. “For us, the main key in serving their guests is sincerity to give the best, just as we’re doing something for our own family member. We always try to give warmth and friendship to all our guests. Thus, ensuring them to have a memorable stay at Yan’s House,” says Agus Sudira, CEO of Yan’s House Hotel Bali.

Before there is Yan’s House Hotel Bali, there was Yan’s Beach Bungalow. Founded by Wayan Merta in the 70s, this bungalow started with only 4 rooms and expanded over the years to 40 rooms. Then, it was passed on to Wayan’s son, I Kadek Agus Sudira, who now hold the position of CEO and founder of Yan’s House Hotel Bali. That is why you will found old pictures of the owner’s family in the lobby. This is not a big chain hotel, but a family business that has become an inseparable part of Kuta for decades.

There’s a reason why I can easily recommend Yan’s House to any type of traveller. This hotel has 78 rooms with 11 designs that you can choose to your likings. First you choose the room type: Deluxe, Premier, Quadruple, Family Room and Grand Victorian. Then, you choose the theme: Chill Out, The Sweet Breeze, Homey Wonderland, The Victorian, Homeland, Bachelor’s Pad, Vintage Groove, Eclectic Living, Laid Back, Serenity, and the Love Nest. Choose Chill Out – Quadruple if you’re travelling with friends, because in one room you will have two bunkbeds that will fit four people. The Family Room is The Sweet Breeze and Homey Wonderland that have a double bed, and one bunk bed for the kids. It’s very spacious and have cool designs. The difference between Deluxe and Premier lies in the shower and bathtub option. Design-wise, they’re all cool. The best room in the house is The Victorian because it offers an exclusive Gueridon service.

I need to bring this up because this is the first time I have ever encountered this service from a hotel. Sure, there’s free WiFi everywhere in the hotel. However, when you’re a guest, you will be given a gadget (a smart phone) that you can use throughout your stay – inside and outside the hotel. There’s no quota limit, and you can use it to conveniently explore Bali, to order online taxis, to browse movies and whatever you need. You can use it as a tethering device to your own gadget. In this time and age, internet is key. This proves how Yan’s House will go over and beyond for its guests.

Another thing that I love about Yan’s House is its personalized services. For those travelling with kids, you can request a baby sitter service. Because Yan’s House is family oriented, they have a trusted agency with experienced baby sitter to take care of your children. If you want a fun day at the beach, they provide a Picnic Service. They have a spot by Kuta Beach, and they will prepare the whole nine-yards for you, including the cloths, and picnic basket filled with cold beverages and pastries, and sandwiches. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the stunning beach.

Location wise, you can’t get any better than this. Yan’s House Hotel Bali is located right at the side of Jl. Kartika. You can just walk to be able to enjoy the beach, the malls, the famous water park and the must-visit Kuta Market. It is only 3 kilometer away from the airport. It’s convenience at its best.

We’ve said this before… CodeGrafiti is one of the best restaurant in Bali. First of all, they are highly commited to using local ingredients, even the ones that are rarely used such as snakefruit, kintamani orange and kedondong. Headed by Chef Bondan Yuliarso, you will find one-of-a-kind menu that he created himself. These food will defy myths and are often inspired by local habbits and stories. Like, when he combines crab meat with soursop; or yellow duck with mangosteen. Or when he adds Marlboro emulsions with hot coffee and in the donut dough to get a delicious dessert. You will always find something new and unique here, and the staff will be happy to explain each one. The love is not only for the guest, but also for each ingredients – resulting in a delicious, and memorable dishes.

Jl. Kartika Tuban Kuta
+62361 752.388


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