A Big Welcome to Seasalt Seminyak

This May, one of the most-awaited restaurant to open is Seasalt Seminyak. So when they finally open their door to the who’s who of Bali, it’s a celebration that one will never forget. Here’s why…

Inspired by its spectacular ocean front setting and the locally harvested sea salt, Seasalt will be the must-go seafood destination whilst strolling around the Seminyak area. Seasalt marks the start of a tantalizing new seascape dining experience, with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in their fresh seafood selection. Some creations to drool over include White Snapper, Seasalt’s signature sea salt baked fish; Niçoise, thefamous fresh French salad that comes with Katsuobushi and two-year-old black miso; and the beautiful Blue Swimmer Crab, where crab mayonnaise meets chawanmushi. To accompany such delish ocean cuisine, an artisanal centerpiece made of sea salt will be showcased at dinner times.

During the opening night, guests are spoiled with non-stop canapes and drinks that showcases the best of Seasalt. They have a salmon corner, and a takoyaki corner that’s just to die for. Meanwhile, the Chef disguises himself as a fisherman carrying two buckets in his belt filled with fresh cold shrimps. While stroling around, the chef will peel these shrimps and add his special sauce. This is unforgetable with each bites. So special.

Besides enjoying a taste of the sea, diners at Seasalt will find themselves immersed in the sensation of sailing on the ocean, thanks to its inspired design. Stepping into Seasalt will take you into what resembles a stylish seaside residence dominated by ocean hues and cozy décor, creatively curated by EDG. The vibrancy of an open kitchen, the changing pattern sof light and shadow on the outdoor decks throughout the day, and the feel of the ocean breeze also serveto create a remarkable sense of openness and connection to the ocean for a relaxed coastal dining experience.

At the helm – Chef Vivian Vitalis Seasalt is captained by Chef Vivian Vitalis, who hails from Penampang in Sabah, East Malaysia. Chef Vivian’s culinary philosophy and passion reflect the growing trend towards a healthier, more down to-earth lifestyle. Working with neighboring fishermen and local suppliers, he seeks out the finest seafood in the region as well as local produce. Fresh, natural and organic is the essence of his cuisine, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to express themselves. Under his guidance, Seasalt’s seafood menu showcase a deliciously diverse dining experience, enjoyed any time of day, on any occasion, with friends and loved ones.

That night, everybody dances the night away in their beautiful dresses and the conversation never stops. That is, until Jamie Aditya and his band surprises everyone with their appearance. What a night. Definitely will come again to Seminyak’s hot spot, Seasalt.

ALILA SEMINYAK – Jl. Taman Ganesha no. 9, Petitenget
+62 361 3021 888


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