Alchemy Dinner at SKAI Beach Club

SKAI at Padma Resort Legian started out as a hip beach club. They serve breakfast and casual dining for those who wants to lounge around while sipping cocktails by the pool. Then came Chef Theodorus Setyo and uplift SKAI into a culinary destination. What’s New Bali was invited to try The Alchemy & Juju 5 dinner, and saw the fine young chef in action.

The night was pretty gloomy. The wind is so strong, leaving the air cold and unforgiving. The pool is closed and wind protectors were installed for the sake of those sitting in the bar. My hair was flying left and right and I was not in the mood for a fancy dinner. Then I enter the indoor area of SKAI Beach Club and was greeted with smiles from the host and the dinner participants. It gets better from here…

I was introduced to Chef Theo and immediately impressed. There’s something about Chef Theo’s energy that is contagious. His smile lights up the room. The way he runs around from the kitchen to the dining table to explain us about his creation makes us feel closer to the chef, creating a bond and admiration. His charm makes us listen to every word he says. His humbleness and his passion for food are shown in the food he served us that night. This is the power of Chef Theo – he makes his dinner personal and memorable.

Alchemy is defined as the science to change ordinary metals into gold. This is exactly what Chef Theo did with his creative culinary skills. He transforms simple, everyday ingredients into a masterpiece. He played with texture, flavors, colors and senses to open our eyes that food is not just food. He changed a simple and earthy mushroom into mousse that blends perfectly with tempura crumbs. He plates simple trout from Sumbawa and served it with Burnt Asparagus, Carrot, Duxeles & Feta and creates magic in a plate. He patiently cook his consommé for six hours to get the perfect color and rich flavor. He beautifully cooked his tenderloin that it melts in your mouth. And he envisioned a deconstructed black forest cake that is executed beautifully by SKAI’s pastry chef. Dishes by dishes gone by, and by the end of the night Chef Theo manage to steal the heart of every guest in the room. What a special night.

If you want to have a taste, just contact SKAI Beach Club team and reserve 1 day before. There’s an option of a 5 or 7 courses dinner.
5 courses IDR 495.000+ (food only) – with wine IDR 880.000+
7 courses IDR 580.000+ (food only – with wine IDR 1.080.000+

Jl. Padma No.1, Legian
+62361 752 111


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