An Influential lady behind the Magnificent Nirmala Group

An Influential lady behind the Magnificent Nirmala Group 1Are you thinking of a luxurious compound of villas, restaurants and spa located strategically in the gorgeous area of Jimbaran? Then The Leaf Jimbaran is the perfect place for you. Consisting of gorgeous and breath-taking villas; Spearmint Villas, Sage Villas and Rosemary Villas and Thyme Spa providing total rejuvenation for everyone. Surely there is an extraordinary person behind such an outstanding place.

WhatsNewBali is honored to interview the lady behind the incredible property; Ms. Cynthia Indraningsih and here is our little chit chat with her.

WhatsNewBali (WNB)    : How did you end up in the property business?

Ms. Cynthia (C)       : It started from a dream actually. My dad is a contractor and I used to follow him to projects whether it’s a hotel or a villa. And there we used to dream that one day we shall not only build a property, but own one, from that dream we moved forward and the rest is history.
WNB: Tell us a little bit more about The Leaf Jimbaran & Nirmala Group

(C)  : Nirmala Group was established 20 years ago with the first business in Contractor sectors. By the time, we now not only have contractor but also have supermarket, material building shop, hotels and luxury villa. We have grown the family company in the spirit of togetherness, good relations among division, and focused at giving back to local community. All these foundations are applied while building the brand with plans to expand to other regions in Indonesia as well. We want to prove the power of local brand by our rapid development and creativity works.

Most of our products served the middle class, we want to accommodate everyone need with very affordable price. The Leaf Jimbaran is our most recent development to tap into the high-end sectors, where more personal attentions are required.

To meet the increasing needs of health-conscious travelers, we want to create a healthy perfect getaway. Personally, I want all my family and I could eat and live healthy at all time; however, it is quite difficult as healthy in Bali mean raw foods, which I cannot eat them at all. Consequently, I was thinking about the place where people still can eat what they like especially during holiday time but still stay healthy. We work with several partners such as Celebrity Chef from USA Daniel Green, spa operators from Japan to make this comes true. At the Leaf Jimbaran, each guest receives personal care and an exceptional quality vacation experience. With stylish design and finishing touches, the healthy lifestyle objective is given a boost with a myriad of options – eat, sleep and rejuvenation activities to improve health away from home. This villa will set the tone for the future direction of the company and is the showcase for other upcoming properties in the near future.
WNB: What are the strengths of The Leaf and other properties of Nirmala group?

(C) :We want The Leaf Jimbaran becomes one of the leading health and wellness villas in Bali besides the existing now in Ubud. Provide the modern science way of living healthy, which all guest can bring home the experience and do it again. We are now as the new born baby, there are still plenty of things to learn and improve but I am confident about the future, where we can compete with other giant man in the industry.

(WNB) :  Any plan for some new properties ahead?

(C)    :Yes definitely. Slowly but SURE. We are taking it a step at a time while waiting for the economy to improve. For 2016, Nirmala group plans to maintain the existing business such as our supermarkets so we can deliver better customer satisfaction. And hopefully if the economy improves, we plan to open two new small luxury villas.

(WNB) : How do u balance family & work.
(C)       :I try to work as effective as I can so there will still be time for family and each properties have their own team so I just have to monitor from time to time.
(WNB)  :Your motto in life.

(C)       :*There is no elevator to success you need to take stairs*
(WNB) :What are your hobbies?

(C)    :I love to read business books.Now my spare time not so much then when I have my spare time i always try to go somewhere with my kids. Just to see them growing up makes me feel very grateful.
(WNB): Where do you like to spend your holiday? 

(C)     : I love to go somewhere very quiet & peaceful. Prefer to go to cold and mountain area.

Plan your next vacation and experience the true luxurious living at the one and only

The Leaf Jimbaran

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