Artists In Residence Bridging The Artistic Realm Art Exhibition

Art Classes With James Wilkins And Michael Daube 25 – 29 March 2016

At Alila Manggis, art connoisseurs and enthusiasts can look forward to feasting their visual senses on a line-up of sophisticated artworks, photographs and sculptures masterminded by world-class talents in a month-long exhibition held throughout the resort grounds. The resort will be fully transformed into a playground where the artists take inspiration from the exotic nature of East Bali in crafting their masterpieces for our appreciation and pleasure.


The art exhibition is being held in support of the United World College of South East Asia global concerns “Bali Bridges“. Famous names in this artistic celebration are James Wilkins, Silvana Sutanto, Michael Daube and Laila Azra.

James Wilkins is a photographer, artist and designer based in New York City and Bali. He has photographed architecture and interiors throughout the world in the US, Caribbean and Asia. His monumental scale fine art photography has been exhibited in New York, Singapore, Dubai and Jakarta among other global cities. Recently his attention has been focused on creating a collection of designs, wherein, like Bauhaus, all elements – fine art, architecture and high-design furniture – are created by the artist. All of his first design pieces for the furniture collection have been featured in major design publications including ELLE Decor USA, SURFACE Asia and Interior Design magazine.


Silvana Sutanto is an artist who’d used photography as her artistic tool 15 years ago and tirelessly pursues the greater artistic expressions of the medium. Her completely subversive study of nature and wildlife has taken her to the farthest corners of the world and resulted in a catalogue of imagery that forces the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship with time, place and life itself. She has studied for several years under a Pictorial Art Master in Hong Kong and is the recipient numerous prestigious regional and international awards including Gold – E.A. International Salon of Photography, Hong Kong; Silver – Photography Society of Sri Lanka; and Image of the Year Honor Award – Photographic Society of America.


A painter, sculptor and designer, Michael Daube has works in New York City, London and Singapore. His art highlights examinations of the sublime and the confluence of nature, physics and the state of being. He is also the founder of the charitable foundation CITTA, which serves to empower and heal some of the most at-risk communities across the world. The foundation has created schools, hospitals and women’s cooperatives in India, Nepal and Mexico, to name a few. Recently, his furniture designs have also received the highest design accolades.

Laila Azra, an artist who explores various mediums with a primary focus on painting, creates highly distinctive artwork through her use of bold colour and form. She has exhibited around the world including Germany, France and Spain as well as solos exhibitions in Jakarta and Singapore. The Artist is also well known for her jewelry designs having been finalist for a competition with World Gold Council Jakarta.


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