Bali Creative Week is Here!

The Annual Exhibition of Local Creative Industries in Bali is coming up this week. The event will be held on the 27-30 April 2017 at Level 21 Mall, Denpasar.

It is time for Bali to host a creative event where young people can express their ideas and exhibits their products. This is the underlying idea that started Bali Creative Week 2017. In this event, we can meet lots of local brand and designers. Names such as Exme Gallery, Nail Art House, Tyramona, Anak Bengkel, DYS, O2 Nails, Trone, Suvit, ABG Shop, Dkey, Wakoka Handmade, Locapoca, Nails Department,, Everlasting Batik, Dibase, Revlon, Cheveux, Flykids, Bellitobaby, Oniisan, Flavia Eyewear will be participating.

On Saturday, 29 April 2017, you can enjoy amazing fashion show that highlight the latest collection from Exxme Gallery, Tyramona, and Everlasting Batik. The fashion show start at 6 PM.

Lots of creative community will take part in the event, such as Ketimbang Ngemis Bali, Rebelines Bali, Bali Stage Photography, Parkour Bali, Beauty Talk Indo, Global Cigarette Movement 9 CM, Bali Beatbox, and many more. If you find something that suit your interest, you can ask around or join these communities.

All four days will be so much fun because there will be cool bands performing at the main stage. The indie bands you can see are as follows: Lemurian, Supernative, Mineli, Midday in Madness, Confuse, Audio Cover, Passion of Life, Monkey King Bar, Like a Plane, Seven Ceblock, Makan di Warung, Sunkiss, Ordinary, and Black Revolver.

This event will be full of amazing programs too, such as Beauty Demo, Make up Show, Nail Art Workshop, and many more. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 20.000 visitors. So, don’t miss it!


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