Bali in Progress: Media Workshop with Indonesian Ministry of Tourism

To kick off April, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism held a Policy Socialization Workshop with the media in Bali. Why Bali? Because as for 2017, Bali is still the leading tourism destination in Indonesia. 40% of all the international tourist enter Indonesia via Bali, while Jakarta holds the second place with 30%. Moreover, Bali had just been chosen as the Best Global Destination in 2017 by Trip Advisor. This is what makes Bali special.

The Ministry was represented by Mr. Ukur Kuswara, the Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism. In his speech, Mr. Ukus stated that there are three top programs/policy to develop tourism in 2017. First is to go digital, second is by developing Homestay and last but not least is to improve accesibility.

Why digital? Mr. M. Noer Sadono, as the Special Staff on Communications and Media, explains that 70% of all people these days uses digital devices to get access and information on tourism. This makes digital 4 times more effective than the conventional media. In fact 63% of all travel are researched, booked and sold online.

Thus, Indonesia developed ITX ( ITX is a B2B tourism marketplace, which introduces Seller (tourism products and services provider) to Buyer (Online Travel Agent). ITX is a platform which facilitates tourism business members with the best solution to GO DIGITAL, with an attractive business scheme. ITX provides various digital features and facilities for tourism business members which will save time and money, as well as reduce business risks. The available features and facilities are Booking System (Rezobx), API to connect your booking system and your business partner’s booking system to ITX, Online Payment System, Launchpad and Tools Data analytic. This is available to all business in Indonesia.

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 compiled by World Economic Forum, Indonesia jump 8 ranks from 50 last year to 42 this year. This is a positive sign that our tourism is improving. From this list we can also analyze in what areas do we need to improve. And since President Jokowi doubled Bali’s Tourism Growth target by 2019, we still have lots of work to do. Let’s get working!

Pic: Wonderful Indonesia


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