Bali Japan Matsuri 2017

The Bali Japan Matsuri had come to an end, but we still feel the excitement. We are still craving for Japanese Food, we can still see the unique cosplay and we are still folding the origami we learned at the festival. This shows that even though this is only the first event that is a collaboration between API magazine as the organizer and Ayodya Resort Bali, it was a hit.

API magazine wants to promote Bali and Indonesia to the Japan tourist; as well as promoting Japan to the local market. That is why The Japan Foundation Jakarta also supported this event by providing a Japan Information Center. Many students and young executives are eager to see what they have to offer. Before we visit Japan, we can also take a picture with the traditional costume and Japan’s famous landmark as the background.

The event was held on July 22nd to 23rd 2017 at Grand Ballroom Ayodya Resort Bali 10am until 9pm. This festival did not only showcased Japan culture, but also Indonesian culture. They had various workshops that guests can join, such as origami, batik, ikebana, bon odori, Indonesian dances and graffiti art. The peak of the event was the fashion Show by Indonesian Fashion Chamber and Joko SSP that merged both cultures into beautiful fashion pieces.

If you miss it, don’t worry because this event will be held annually every year. So see you at Japan Matsuri 2018.


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