8 Bali’s Fun Activities For The Holidays

Everyday is holiday, here in Bali. So the pressure for you to find great activities to do with your kids and families are building up. If you’re tired of the same old things, don’t worry because there are so many new stuff that you can do with your loved ones other than going to the beach or staying at fancy hotels. Take them to these places and create unforgettable memories to start 2017 on a sweet note.

Where: Jl. Dewi Sri 45D, Kuta Bali (Across Anomali Coffee)
There’s a monster out there, you are trapped in a room and you have to escape. You have nothing but your wit and the support of your team to get you out. This is not a scene from a movie. This is the thrilling 120 minutes adventure that you could experience with your friends and family. Opening their door to the Bali crowd last November, Pandora Experience has three different scenarios that you can choose: Area 51, Legends of El Dorado and Alcatraz. It is our favorite Escape Game Adventure so far! You’ve got secret passages, hidden chambers, puzzles and clues and some intense physical workout along the way. Again, it’s not just brain – but also teamwork and physical strength that are being tested here. Each scene can be played by 2-10 people. Kids from 8 years old can play too, with adult supervision of course. You will be amazed on how the game designer who combines the lighting, sound effects with complicated puzzles to create realistic experience. Sometimes, you even forgot you are playing a game and not really captured within the walls of Alcatraz. Ticket price starts from IDR 230.000/person for 120 minutes, and this December they have 10% off promo if you post picture in your social media. They have four screenings everyday (from 1PM, 3.30PM, 6PM, 8.30PM) and an additional screening for the weekends which start at 10.30AM and ends at 10.30PM. Pandora is the design of all young and creative Indonesian team. Great job, guys!

Where: Jl. Batu Yang 10A, Gianyar, Bali.
Contact: +62821 4657 6086
Ride, learn, win. With these three words, Karting Star Bali is open for business. Boys will be boys, they say. What do boys like? Speed! This brand new go-kart race track is so much fun. They have an indoor 350 meters karting track and their go-kart has a 270cc Honda Engines with MyLaps X2 timing hardware. Perfect to get your speed on. Their track is like a snake trail that will surely test your driving skills. They open last November and still have their opening price of IDR 50.000/person for a 5 minute race until the end of 2016. Right now, they only have the adult karts. But when the small karts are coming, this will be a perfect father son bonding activity. Meanwhile, just take your friends for a night of speed and fun at Karting Star Bali. They are open from 10AM to 10PM.


Where: Ritz-Carlton Bali

Make your kids happy by arranging a mermaid day-out with them at The Ritz-Carlton Bali. This latest Ritz Kids activity and room package are designed to enchant young ladies and encourage them to unleash their imaginations. Have fun like a mermaid as this activity provides young ladies with all the essentials to channel their inner under-the-sea princess, starting with a face painting masterpiece. Then, in a colorful mermaid swimsuit, your little girls can splash around the pool at Ritz Kids and fully live the life of an aquatic goddess. A refreshing coconut drink will keep them hydrated in Bali’s gorgeous sunshine. For a more complete experience, enjoy the Indian Ocean Aquatic Goddess room package. This 2-night break for mothers and daughters includes an ocean-inspired welcome pastry, a drawn bath in the room’s tub, splashing time at the pool in a special swimsuit and an evening movie night in your suite with special refreshments. Guests also receive a small aquatic-themed surprise gift to commemorate their adorable time at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.


Where: Jl. Sunset Road No.88, Seminyak.
You are locked in a room… can you escape in 45 minutes? This is the premise of the Escape Room. From Malaysia, the world and now Bali, Escape Room is ready to rock your world. Yup, these puzzle solving games are on the rise in Bali. Different from Pandora, The Escape Room is all about wit and your skill in solving puzzles. And don’t forget, you have the time limit to solve the puzzle. With all of their experience, you can be sure that there will be unique and different puzzles and clues that will be hard to crack. The Escape Room started in Malaysia in 2013 and now it has 11 branches in Asia, Europe and Eastern Europe with 20 rooms to choose from. In Bali, they have four games: UP Bon Voyage, Gallery, Prison Break and the Abandoned Factory. Ticket price is IDR 250.000.escape-room25. ARMADA FLOW HOUSE BALI
Where: Jl. Dewi Sri 72, Denpasar.
Bali is famous for its waves. But, if you’re not ready for that one, come to Armada Flow House Bali. Be exhilarated with the new sport that simulates surfing on flat waves; imagine snowboarding without the snow, or wakeboarding without a boat. They use the Flow Rider Double from USA, and you can choose between a body board or a flow board. For first timer, they have instructors that will help you out. At Flow House Bali, it is much more than a place to surf; it is a unique entertainment experience. They have a big pool where you can chill while enjoying their food and beverages selections. When the sun is down, they have DJs and cool music to entertain you. It is the perfect chill spot to spend the day with your families and friends. Flow House opens everyday from 11AM-11PM, and to 2AM on the weekend. The ticket price start from IDR 300.000 / hour / pax. Don’t worry about getting in line because they can have up to 10 riders per lane. They also have many packages if you decided you want to do this everyday.flow-house26. UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE
Where: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.726, Pemogan, Bali.
Contact: 0361-8473053
There’s no mystery there… the place is literally a room decorated upside down. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. If you like taking pictures, this is the place to go. Just like the name entails, this place has several rooms decorated like your own house. They’ve got the bedroom, kitchen, living room and even the toilet. The thing is, everything is suspended on the ceiling, creating the illusion of being upside down. It’s amazing what these guys do. They sure are creative! The ticket price is IDR 100.000 for adult and IDR 50.000 for kids. They open from 9AM to 9PM.
Where: Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta
http://bdr.pphotels.comWant to teach something your kids won’t forget? Something that is not only fun but also teaches courage and focus? Come down to Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta and join the High Flyers Trapeze School. The High Flyers Bali offers a unique opportunity to experience the exhilaration of flying trapeze and circus workshop under tropical blue skies while visiting this island paradise. They have trapeze classes six days per week and this is available for anyone between the ages of 5 and 65. Thus all the family can join and make it a holiday you will never forget. Flyers can sign up for a single class to feel the rush and learn a basic trick. But be warned it can become a passion so we also offer packages for multiple classes. With each class, a flyer achieves more tricks and develops more skills to include catches and somersaults. Single trapeze class is IDR 450.000 per 1 ¼ hour session. Besides trapeze, they also have bungee trampoline (IDR 60.000 / 5 minutes), where you can bounce up to 2 metres performing somersaults. High Flyers Bali also offers a Circus Workshop (IDR 195.000 per person) where participants can learn juggling, diabolo, plates spinning and more to develop their coordination skills and most of all have great fun!


Where: Canggu Club

Where can you go for a day of fun: Canggu Club! Just visit one venue and you can take your whole family to endless adventures. Start the day at Bounce Bali, Indonesia’s first and only trampoline centre. Unlike home trampolines, Bounce has a specially designed, spring-loaded frame allowing you to bounce higher. 360 degrees of trampolines there is no place like it in Bali. All frames and springs are covered by 2-inch thick safety pads. As long as you like to bounce, Bounce Bali is for you. One hour of jumping pass will cost you IDR 125.000 per person. Afterwards, try the Strike Bowling. From 3 years old to 80 years young Strike 10 Pin Bowling is a great way to get active whilst having fun. Strike offers the latest, most modern tenpin bowling experience in Bali. We have 6 lanes with automatic pinsetters complete with a computerized scoring system, meaning keeping score isn’t a chore. There are bumpers for the kids (or anyone else!) to stop the ball going into the gutter. The price starts from IDR 75.000 nett per player per hour – valid for four players in one lane. Then, end the day at Splash Water Park. Splash has taken its place as Bali’s newest water park and is home to a never before seen range of slides and facilities. There’s the giant racer, speed racer, super bowl, big red and crazy creek. So much fun. The day pass is IDR 300.000 for adult and IDR 180.000 for kids 3-17 yo.



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