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Legian has always been the busy part of Bali. It is where people flock together to find food, entertainment, the beach and some good ol’ shopping. It’s small road and people walking everywhere is the appeal of Legian. But what must we do when all those walking get us tired? Worry no more, because now there’s a new spot in Legian where we can rest our feet and enjoy delicious food: Jaen Bar and Kitchen at Zest Hotel Legian.

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In Balinese, Jaen means delicious. So when they invite What’s New Bali to try out their menu, we were so excited. Jaen is located on the Ground floor, right by the sidewalk. It has an open kitchen and designed so that people can see and be seen. The place has a modern industrial feel to it, but still embrace the Balinesemotives in its details. It’s clean and minimalist, yet still has a warm aura to it.Jaen_Bar_and_Kitchen_bali_dining3

That night, they went all out for the first opening day. They had girls in parade costume greeting the guests, and they have a special acoustic performance throughout the night. The street outside is still busy, but we were in our own little corner, uninterrupted by the scene. The kitchen is looking busy, trying to get everything perfect for the guest. With that note, we start reading the menu and see what Jaen is all about.


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Jaen Bar and Kitchen has a good mix of everything. It serves international, as well as Indonesian menu. But what are interesting to try are their selections of Balinese cuisine. They called it Authentic Balinese foods in a fusion style. Before we know it, dishes are coming out of the kitchen. We had the grilled prawn, pork satay, ayam betutu… a perfect combo for those who want to taste Balinese delicacies. Though everything is beautifully plated like modern food, the taste is still very much authentic. They also come with sambal and other condiments to make your night. Their selections of international food are also tasty. I tried the Grilled Salmon Fillet and it was awesome. End it with something sweet, the Tiramisu and the Cheese Cake make a memorable night, indeed.


Jaen Bar and Kitchen is open daily for Breakfast and all day dining. For those looking for a nightspot where you can drink with your buddies and watch sport, this is the place to go. Or simply if you just finished enjoying sunset and want to grab a nice dinner with your friend. Jaen Bar and Kitchen is the place to go.

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