Bekal Dari Ibu Opens in Seminyak

Indonesia is a country full of diversity. We consist of thousands of islands, with different cultures, heritage, dialect and so much more. All of this makes Indonesia a country of endless discovery – there’s always something new for those wanting to expore. If you’re new to Indonesia, it’s always nice to find a nice spot where you can just soak all the richness. For us, it’s coming to a small intimate boutique restaurant named “Bekal Dari Ibu’ in the junction of Jl. Kunti and Seminyak.

Started four years ago by daughters who loved their mothers. After years of dedicating themselves for the family, these daughters believe that it is time for their mothers – Mama Yoke and MakTuo Effien – to do something they love. They decided to make a shop that sells Indonesian snacks that they used to make for their family. Lemper, risol, pastel, chocolate banana, bolu kukus, and these mini delicacies are part of their family’s memory. Mothers cooking with daughters, eating them in special family gatherings or just a quiet afternoon.

They named the space: Bekal dari Ibu because it is a shape of love our mothers share to you, in a form of a delicious Indonesian snacks heritage. It offers selection of old-fashioned snacks plus some twist of product innovations to suit today’s trend, with a strong brand strategy and presence. Sold in Jakarta first, Bekal Dari Ibu offers various snacks that can be enjoyed by families, on affice meetings, afternoon tea, or even big events. They sell the snacks per piece, or in snack boxes and in hantaran, which looks like a parcel filled with goodness. The snacks you can choose from are: their signature Pisang Caramel, Lupis, Cucur, Nagasari, to our savory specials, Combro, Lalampa, Lemper Ayam and Panada, are all homemade with a dash of love as Ibu’s main ingredients.

In Seminyak, their shop looks really chic with their monochrome colors, hommy ambiance and cute furnitures. It’s really with the tourist passing by, and simply curious with what Indonesian snacks are all about. The place are also packed with locals who misses their childhood flavours. Enjoy these snacks with great coffee or ice blended beverages with your friends. We love Bekal Dari Ibu.

Jl. Kunti 1 No.6, Seminyak
Delivery: +6288219058591


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