Best Goodies from Bali – Perfect for Souvenirs!

When in Bali, eat what the local eats. However, when you return to your home country or city, sometimes you wanted to take a piece of Bali with you. What better ways to do that than to take home some of Balinese best food or snacks? It will be great for souvenirs too, for your friends and families. Want to know what’s the most popular treats in Bali? Here’s the list…

Where: Kitchen House of Pia Legong Jl. By pass Ngurah Rai, Ruko Kuta Megah 15 Kuta-Bali
Order: +62361 789 8777, +62 8118 77777 or email to
If you visited local souvenir shops in Bali, you will find lots of Pia brand using the local dance. But, no doubt, one of the most popular ones is Pia Legong. Started in 2006, this red box treats always have people lining up in their little shop in Kuta. Everything is made fresh with no chemical or preservatives. Every day, they will make a certain amount of Pia Legong and that is the only one we can get. It’s all handmade and they do not keep stock. That is why sometimes they limit the purchase so that everyone can get some. There are several flavors to this Pia: Chocolate, Cheese and Mung Bean. It’s crunchy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. We love it!

Where: Jalan Dewi Sri VIII Blok B-8, Pertokoan Kuta Plaza
Order: +62361 263138
We remember back in the old days when we have to go through small alleys to get through the home-factory of the original egg tart just to get some extra boxes. These bite-sized treats are always in demand. These days there are lots of brands that sell pie susu. But, Pie Susu Asli Enaaak started the trend in 1989, and we can’t get enough of it! Now, they have a small factory at Tukad Badung area, which means more supply for those looking for the perfect souvenirs. They still have the original shop in Jalan Nangka, but they also open one in Dewi Sri, Kuta, for your convenience. There are three flavors: Original, Chocolate and Cheese.

Where: Jl. Kediri No. 9 Tuban – Kuta Bali
Order: +62851 0046 0050 or
The Indonesian layer cake is the stuff of legends. They are super difficult to make, uses lots and lots of eggs and are usually served during special occasions, like Lebaran. But ever since Harum Cake opens, people can’t get enough of it. All items sold are fresh from the oven, and you can tell the production date as well as the expiration date. They don’t use preservatives so they can last from 3-5 days.

Where: Jl. Dewi Sri 100 B (Seberang Agung Bali) Kuta, Bali
Price: IDR 115.000/box/5 packs
This brand just started a few months ago, but already taking Bali by storm. Their stuff sold out faster than you can actually finish their chips. Owned by celebrity couple Glenn Alinskie, Chelsea Olivia, and Indonesia’s famous photographer Rio Motret, Rasa Lokal only have two products so far. It is a cassava chip with Sambal Matah dipping – with two options, the original or extra spicy one. Try it!


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