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Physiotherapist in Bali

Q: Dear BaliGal, my husband sprang his angle on our first day in Bali. Do you have a physiotherapist that you could suggest? Carol[...]

Herny Tri Setiawati, M.D., Dipl. AAAM, Dipl.CIBTAC (UK), Dipl. Medical Aesthetic

Later That Day

Herny Tri Setiawati believes that aesthetic medicine is a holistic care that requires hormone balance, exercise, diet and nutrition, stress management and supporting environment. She believes that every fixing must start from within. Health and beauty is indeed the matter of mind and body. Thatís why prior to holding Master of Science in Medical Aesthetic, Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine from UCSI University in Malaysia, she has already completed her training in Thailand on ancient martial arts, positive aspects of inner awareness and human nature development, and also similar training in the same country on soft martial arts, energy medicine and development of inner wisdom. To Herny, aesthetic medicine is a wonderful world as it is a perfect combination of art, science and aesthetic, all of which really suit her personality. She respects science, and she loves to see beauty in everything and[...]



As a freelance events coordinator, I have the opportunity to visit many hotels, restaurants and touristic venues in order to help my clients. The past five years I was focus a lot in Bali for both American and European small and big companies who are looking for an attractive and exotic destination for their events. I could test many spas, bars, restaurants, therapists and all sorts of activities to pamper body and mind. As well as I have shared my knowledge with clients all around the world, I would love to share my tips with all visitors at WhatsNewBali. Send your questions info@whatsnewbali.co


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