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There are many things to plan when you’re making an event. For most people, we have been trained all of our lives to be the perfect event planner. It may started of with your own birthday party, then you’re part of the prom night committee, then it’s your company’s event or even your own wedding. Planning something and making it a reality is an art form, in my opinion. The art of juggling information, getting good deals, creating an image, making sure that every detail is just right… that is some skills that requires years to perfect. Lucky for us, Ms. Cahaya Oktora, or Ocha, is here to tell us all about the secret of creating the perfect event.

WNB: Congratulations for the opening of Bespoke Indonesia. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Ocha: Thank you. We started in the beginning of 2016, in January. I travelled a lot to Jakarta, Singapore, Hongkong in the previous months to learn about the business. With a background in Sales Marketing and Branding Strategy since 1997, I wanted to make a company that will help business grow through good branding and various personalized events. A friend suggested the name Bespoke – because the level of service we offer is very detailed and tailor made to the client’s need. That’s how Bespoke came to be.

WNB: So is it an event planning company?

Ocha: Actually no. Event planning is just a small part in our business. What we do is talk to the client and helped them reach their goals. We do this by developing a branding strategy and do extensive research, which in the end will help them generate profits. Through creative concepts, Bespoke worked together with the clients make extraordinary events to set new trends and reach their growth objectives.

WNB: Interesting. Why start it in Bali?

Ocha: I personally always come back to Bali. I worked in Jakarta, Bali, China and now back to Bali. That’s why I wanted to have the main office here, and have a representative office in Jakarta. I believe Bali is the gateway to the world, and there are so many untapped market that is always looking for something new. Especially with the economy going slower nowadays, companies are looking for a solution. They don’t want to just do something that spends money, but for something that generate profits as well. This is what we do best because we talk to them, set the goals and target together and we make it happen. So far business is going really good.

WNB: What makes Bespoke Indonesia different?

Ocha: We are proud to say that no two events are ever the same, but an event coordinated by Bespoke Indonesia will be stylish and sophisticated guarantee.

WNB: Then who are Bespoke clients?

Ocha: Simply put… everyone or every company that wants their business taken cared of in a personalized way. We don’t want a one-way relationship, but rather have a communicative discussion with our client. From my personal experience, this is where the creative ideas start pouring in and extraordinary things happens.

WNB: This business is not easy. What keeps you going?

Ocha: The thing is, this is my passion. I’ve been doing this for so long, and I can’t stop. I love it when I met new client, talk to them, formulated a strategy and seeing how it all came together. That’s the magic.

Moreover, my staffs give me the strength and the support I need. When I started this company, one of my dreams is to open the job market, as much as I possibly can. The more the company grew, then I can hire more people and help them support themselves, their family and develop their potential. This gives me the strength and more excitement to work my hardest, to keep the company healthy and profitable, so the employees’ welfare is in great hand.

WNB: What do you do to unwind?

Ocha: This is Bali, so I will go to the beach when I needed a break. My ultimate escape is to play golf. This is my other passion. Golf is always a mix of pleasure and a little bit of business.

WNB: What’s next for Bespoke?

Ocha: We are planning to launch Bespoke next September with a big event called Bali Ultimate Golf Series. We are setting everything up now and we are excited, because this will be the first one under Bespoke and not for clients. This will also be a good way to celebrate because we have been so busy since January, and this is our toast to the bright future of Bespoke.

Bespoke Indonesia Creative Events

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