Celebrating Indonesian Rum

Did you know that rum originally came from Indonesia? This is an interesting fact considering how popular this drink is in Europe and Caribbean. If you’re a fan of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, you probably notice how Captain Jack Sparrow’s favorite beverage is the sweet and delicious RUM.


All rums are distilled from sugar cane residues or molasses. Sugarcane is a species of grass that has been cultivated in Indonesia for at least 8,000 years. That is why, when we look at old posters in European bars, you can see pictures of barrels of “arrack” from Indonesia. The first Indonesian rums were exported during the early years of the Dutch colonial occupation, and rapidly swept the globe. Who knew?


We learn all of these interesting facts when What’s New Bali came to the launch of Nusa Caña at Akademy, Katamama Hotel last September. With lots of passions in his eyes, Marc Rodrigues shared the stories of rum to all the guests. He and his three friends collaborate to create a unique rum that will bring back the forgotten story of an ancient craft that is still carried out today.



Nusa Caña is not your typical rum. Crafted on Java, the original home of Indonesian rum, the heart of Nusa Caña is a rich Indonesian sugar cane spirit. To create it, Javanese sugar cane molasses are slowly fermented with pure, forest-filtered water and red rice cake. The resulting liquid is distilled in antique Chinese pot stills then matured in Javanese teak casks, before being blended for today’s tastes. When you drink it neat, you can taste pure sugarcane that’s just smooth and tasty.

Marc welcomes us with different cocktails in our hands so we can taste the rum, and not just talk about it. We tried three amazing cocktails; Funny Break Frizz, Fair Head, and Rocks throughout the evening. The whole atmosphere was warm and relaxed, but with a splash of vibrancy amongst the crowd who are definitely enjoying their rum.

This new product want to put indonesian rum back to the alcohol and international market. That’s why Nusa Caña is available and being served in some of the island’s most iconic haunts – beach clubs Potato Head and Ku De Ta, leading cocktail bars Akademi, Baker Street Social, and Night Rooster in Ubud, and island hang outs Sea Circus and Old Man’s in Canggu. Let’s support them and start drinking Nusa Caña Rum!

Info: www.nusacana.com


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