Coffee Cocktails Soiree at Ritz-Carlton Lounge & Bar, Bali

What will happen when Illy Coffee colaborates with Ritz-Carlton Bali? A night full of fun, a new found appreciation towards coffee and an introduction to the Master Barista, Fabrizio Aque.

What makes someone a master barista? That is my first question that pop up in my head the minute I recieved the invitation to attend the Coffee Cocktail presentation by Illy Coffee. It got me curious about the whole purpose of the event. “This event is something that we do every now and then to re-introduce our Illy Coffee in an unique way. This year, we collaborate with Ritz-Carlton Bali and introduces one of our master barista from the Illy University of Coffee,” says Pramudya Bevan, the NSM Manager of Illy Indonesia.

That night, Fabrizio Aque prepared four coffee cocktails menu for the guests. There’s the bitter sweet Amore, Mojito with a twist, Ritorno and Vodka Espresso. Of course, we tried everything. While overlooking the beautiful sunset at The Ritz-Carlton Lounge and Bar, we take a sip of our drink and compare notes. Which one we like, what are the after taste and take a peek on how does Fabrizio makes all of this delicious cocktails out of coffee. I guess this is the discussion on coffee that Illy Coffee was aiming for. To let people know that there’s so much that we can do with great coffee.

Each one of the drinks uses espresso as their base. Fabrizio himself is no stranger to coffee. On a normal day, he drinks up to 8 cups of espressos. He told us how in Italy, coffee is an inseparable part of people’s life. They drink it because they enjoy it. A cup of cappucinno in the morning, and espresso throughout the day. This is so interesting considering how Italy cannot grow coffee beans.

As we talk, he made his first cocktail: Amore. Just like the name, Amore or love is kinda sweet at first and leaves us with a bitter coffee taste. He made this using Amaretto Disaronno, double espresso and whipped cream. It’s a mixture of hot and cold, sweet and bitter. A perfect cocktail that best represent love. This one is my favourite.

The second one is perfect for the coffee lover: Ritorno. The ingredients are espresso, dark rum and benedictine shaken and served in a cold glass with sugar on the side. The vodka espresso is a simple mix of double espresso and vodka. Meanwhile the mojito is made of espresso, vodka and mint. So refreshing!

For one day only, these coffee cocktails are available at the Ritz-Carlton Lounge & Bar for IDR 165.000++ per glass. Considering how fun the whole night was (probably due to the coffee and alcohol combo), we can’t wait for Illy’s next event.


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