Bale Udang (Kuta)


Situated on Jalan Nakula, in between Kuta and Seminyak, Bale Udang – which translates to Shrimp Gazebo – is one of the Bali’s most recognized restaurants. The restaurant is known for its authentic Indonesian dishes, whilst being enjoyed sitting and dining atop bale-bales that are situated above the large fish pond that surrounds the grounds. A large selection of seafood is available, with shrimp dishes being their specialty, which you can enjoy in its uniquely Indonesian architecture of the building made of bamboo – or better known as bale. Hailing from Yogyakarta, Mang Engking restaurants started out as shrimp farm, hence its specialties in prawn based dishes.

By presenting distinctive Indonesian cuisine, Bale Udang has garnered raving reviews from diners, both local and tourists – with many raving about the signature Hurang Ageung – a dish with honey roasted prawns (udang bakar madu), deep fried prawns, steamed prawns, and kangkung. The honey prawn gives a sweet barbeque-y flavor while the spicy sambal is hard to resist – a true mouthwatering treat for all you seafood lovers. Other favourites include the Sup Kelapa Udang, and Gurame Bumbu Cobek, a fried gurame fish topped and seasoned with various spices and chili gives the hotness that will hook you from the first bite.

Bale Udang Bali is not only a restaurant, but it is also a place for recreation for the entire family – with a full fledged play area and kids corner for the children. And for those of you who want to hold meetings or informal gatherings in Bale Udang Mang Engking, then you do not need to worry because the restaurant also has a number of meeting rooms and a large parking area. For those looking to dine in your own privacy, Bale Udang Mang Engking also provides bale / gubug and pergola seating area, each with its own private entrance surrounded by the water – making it the ideal romantic destination for couples. (Apr 2016)


“Bale Udang Mang Engking provides not only delicious prawn based dishes, but also a beautful scenery…signature scenic pond where the bamboo ‘bale’, or eating huts are erected.” -Epicurina

“Having meals at the Bale Udang will make you feel like close to nature…Relishing special menus at the Bale Udang Mang Engking will make your experience during your holiday on the island more attractive.” -Bali Travel News

“Authentic experience bale & restaurant with the feeling of being in the countryside” -Asia Dreams Bali

“Aside from the fantastic dishes, diners will also be entertained by the scenic view of the rice fields and the surrounding, vast fish ponds.” -NOW! Bali


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