Seniman Coffee Studio

They roast all their own speciality beans.

They roast all their  own speciality beans. Single-origin beans-from multiple regions Asia, Africa and America and house blends including -‘E.S.P Espresso’, ‘Trans-X’ plus other seasonal blends.-Brew bar using manual styles; Syphon, Pour Over drip -(Japanese and Taiwanese style), Aeropress, Cafetiere.-Espresso bar with modern and vintage hand-pull Italian -espresso styles-Unique & original design concept and space- On-site micro-roastery, roasting daily for in house and -wholesale.-Variety of different roasts including lighter roast coffee-Restaurant with al day menu; featuring regional Indonesian- food designed with a Seniman twist. All food can be paired with coffee.-Menu also includes popular breakfast, cakes, extracted and -blended juices, wheatgrass, premium teas, selection of ice cold beers and wine.-‘Tasting Workshops’ held at the Studio twice a week. An-introduction to coffee, tasting, roasting and brewing demonstration.-Interactive 2.5 hour programme. Enquire for schedule and bookings.


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