The Haere Villa Seminyak

There’s nothing refreshing like waking up on a comfy bed in a tropical sun-drenched morning, with a soothing sound of the gurgling water and singing birds in the background


The Haere Villa Seminyak, a rediscovered sanctuary in the neighboring ‘eat street’ establishments of Seminyak, are all about thoughtful and enjoyable private space and accommodation in luxury.

Natural design blended with contemporary style accents of Bali, merging with tropical green gardens landscape, private swimming pool, and a separate gazebo-like dining area with kitchenette.

This integration of an open-plan design which featuring rich greeneries within 318 sqm villa compound, allows the unreserved flow of the positive energy throughout every distinctive space and every each 23 sqm bedrooms. It helps you to always feel refreshed, energized and enjoy the excitement throughout your holidays.

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