Eko Nugroho’s Bouquet of Love On Display now at Potato Head Beach Club Bali

This August, there’s so many amazing events that celebrates Indonesia and its creativity. One of the highlight was the collaboration between Eko Nugroho and Potato Head Beach Club Bali. Eko Nugroho created a stunning installation – 10 x 7 meters right by the Potato Head Beach Club’s iconic Colosseum facade, and is available for the public to enjoy for the next year.

Why Bouquet of Love? During his opening speech, Eko Nugroho said he created this artwork as a token of his love towards Indonesia, this world and its richness. If you look closely you will see how each part of his installation is made out of 300 kilograms of collected refuse. Eko and his team worked with local waste collectors and junkyards to collect a wide variety of discarded items, including plastic buckets, water and soda bottles and electronics to build “Bouquet of Love”. Eko said that this is his first time working with trash and try to transform it into a work of art that’s still within his signature style.

Eko drew his inspiration from the sea. He tried to recreate the beautiful corals, algae and its colour through each items. Olivier Poulian from Gringgo, who was also there for the environmental talk as part of the Bouquet of Love launch, says that Eko is not wrong to take inspiration from the sea because most of these trash he uses are already in the sea. This is a major problem to the world. Thus, it is great how Eko Nugroho’s work will bring the spotlight back to the environmental issue that we are facing today.

Congrats Eko Nugroho and Potato Head Beach Club Bali.


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