The Enigma Exhibition by Cata Odata at Artotel Sanur

ARTOTEL Sanur has always been a true supporter of art in its many forms and shapes. Their lobby acts as an exhibition hall that gives space for local artists to showcase their art and convey their message. This February, they collaborate with Cata Odata – an art house based in Ubud, known for its prestigious collaborations. Their mission is to open a discourse and knowledge transfer of disciplines and cultures by working together with various local and international artists.

The exhibition is called, “The Enigma: Looking at Life Through Women’s Eyes”. It showcases the work of artists; Anas Etan, Awan Yozeffani, Djunaidi Kenyut, IBK Sindhu Putra and Imam Sucahyo. These are works by male artists in their attempt to share their visual stories about the encounter, dialogue, and connection with the women who inspire them, who are also parts of the social reality in the place they live in. For them, it is a reminder of their respective daughters, partners, sisters, mothers, friends and lovers. Through the artworks, we are allowed to look at the role of these women within society and the intricacies of their day-to-day lives, where women are no longer being framed merely as a beautiful propaganda.

This interpretation becomes interesting as we learn from the experiences that each artist has. In a way, these artists celebrates womanhood and they linked it with their own story to make these artworks. There are debates regarding the title: Looking at Life Through Women’s Eyes since the artists are all male. Ratna, one of the founders of Cata Odata, states that she wants the artwork to speak for themselves. She believes each characters in the paintings can tell a story and speak with their eyes. This is how she interprets the title. However, every body is entitled to their own interpretation. Cata Odata opens a discourse and invites everyone to state their opinion on the subject at hand.

What do you think? Come, see and share your interpretation with us. These artwork will be displayed at the ARTSPACE of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali from the 15th of February until 15th of April 2018.


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