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StartDecember 28, 2017EndDecember 31, 2017
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Denpasar Festival is a year-end celebration, open to the public, showcasing the diversity and richness of expression and creativity attached to the city of Denpasar, manifested through various agenda events including exhibitions, seminars/talk shows, a variety of art and cultural entertainment both nuanced traditional, modern, or avant-garde.

In the top frame of creativity and superior culture, the Denpasar Festival refers to the milieu social inevitability of the city of Denpasar as an open-minded, multicultural, multidimensional social interaction domain, and becomes an added value for the existence of Bali as a unique cultural entity and a leading tourist destination in the world.

Denpasar Festival is an initiative and strategic step that must be welcomed with open arms and supported wholeheartedly. First, because this Festival is the manifestation of the spirit of Denpasar to make itself as a creative city with superior cultural insight. Secondly, because the Festival is a manifestation of the close collaboration of society and government, a synergy between top-down development concepts and bottom-up initiatives, to create a balance in global changes and challenges through creative activities and initiatives. Third, and most importantly, because this Festival is a real form of all the potential energy owned by Denpasar and its people.

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