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StartOctober 7, 2017EndOctober 14, 2017
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3rd MINIKINO FILM WEEK, Bali 7th to 14th October 2017 is the 3rd edition of an annual International Short Film Festival in Bali, Indonesia, founded & organized by Minikino ( Presenting short film programs from Indonesia, short film exchange programs of South-East Asia “S-Express”, and International Shorts Programs and additional fringe program as complementary events, workshops and programs focusing on to the theme of the present festival.

MINIKINO FILM WEEK is designed as a festival for both the filmmakers and audiences, aiming to build and strengthen the network of alternative screenings in Bali, providing spaces for works of short films to their audiences, that might be difficult to obtain anywhere else. On the other end, providing audience with an opportunity to see and discuss about films they might never get to see otherwise.

Minikino believes that a short film, like a poem or short story, is a self-contained work with its own literary merit. A well-programmed selection of short films is a potent stimulant for discussion, which in turn will promote social awareness and critical thinking.

Enjoy 3rd MINIKINO FILM WEEK, Bali 7th to 14th October 2017, hopefully it will inspire us all.


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