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Every property of both restaurants and hotels must have 1 or 2 foods or drinks that become the mainstay menu. Likewise with the hotel that located on the Sunset Road, Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali has an unique food creation and definitely intriguing to your taste.

The Queen of Oxtail Soup (125K) – Oxtail Soup as a signature menu worthy of being called The Queen. So called because of the rich of balinese delicacy. Uniquely, Fame-ous People will find the Queen Oxtail Soup is served with a yellow color and the flavor of curry that fits perfectly with Sambal Ijo. Enjoy this signature food only for Rp. 125,000 net and Stay Famous People !!!

Sarah Jessica Parker Burger (100K) – Burger is one of fast food that much favored by various circles. Both adults and children, no stranger to eating food that can reach 13 million levels of consumption in the United States. In fact, in Seymour, Wisconsin, USA, there is a Hamburger Hall of Fame or a hamburger reputation gallery. At Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali, Burger becomes one of the uniquely processed snacks by Chef Lukman Rivani. According to his explanation, Sarah Jessica Burger is the result of the creation of western and traditional blend. Using approximately 1 gram of Australian beef. Selected this type of meat because of its soft texture on the tongue and more juicy when combined with cheese. Typical taste of this western country combined with purple sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. Sweet purple diced longitudinally similar to potatoes. The combination of sweet and savory taste is what makes Sarah Jessica Parker Burger worth a try. In addition to this new menu, Popcorn Resto also provides a 25% discount for each snack chef selection and one of these typical Burger Fame. Good luck and STAY FAMOUS !!

Fame Fish and Chips (85K) – Another dish that is the mainstay of Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali is Fame Fish and Chips. Still with traditional creations, Fame Fish and Chips combines processed fish with purple yams. The blend of savory fish and sweet purple sweet potatoes are the typical dishes that are only available at Popcorn Resto. Enjoy the creativity of refined cuisine at Fame Hotel Sunset Road Kuta – Bali with discounted discount of 25%. STAY FAMOUS !!

Fame Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali Fame

Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta – Bali

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