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Clean The Ocean

Dates: 1st to 6th of July

Send Data on: 8th of July, 10 am


Gabriel: +62 (0) 822 3775 4384

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This Clean Oceans Competition event will gather Dive Centres, Surf Schools, Watersports, and others in a massive underwater clean up in different locations in Bali. If you fit in this category, and if you care about the future of our oceans, you should join us!

Our goal is to prevent trash from getting into our oceans: By creating an educational and demonstration centre in Bali which will train local government/Banjars, schools and Local Business. These training will teach what trash is, why it is harmful to our environment  and how we can recycle it.

Because the success of your business depends upon a clean ocean. Because your customers deserve to dive in a clean ocean. Because we want to go diving in our beautiful, clean and healthy oceans forever.

Cost to Join the Event      

Rp. 500,000 per dive centre to join this event

Our target is to raise a minimum of 20m Rupiah

If any dive centre manages to raise additional funds by  holding in-house events or competitions, further prizes may be awarded to those who have raised the most

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