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Waterman’s Week Bali 2016, from the 1st to the 10th of July, is a week full of events through the Island. This is the 4th year of the event, which is part of the Non-Profit Organization R.O.L.E Foundation.

This time, instead of having only one night of awards to the Watermen and Waterwomen in Bali, the Role Foundation team, together with different partners are organizing a full week of events to raise awareness about the whole Indonesia waste problem.

Indonesia is the 4th most populated Country in the World, being the 2nd in the rank of mismanaged plastic waste. That’s 3.2 mt/year of plastic that goes to the oceanIn Bali, that’s 680 cubic meters of plastic garbage a day. That’s about a 14-story building!

Waterman’s Week Bali, through water sports and water related events is here to make some noise about waste problem and how we want to keep our oceans clean!

Zero Waste to Oceans

Role, which stands for Rivers, Oceans, Lands and Ecology, goals besides spreading the words about clean oceans, is to raise funds through Waterman’s Week to finance the “Zero Waste to Oceans” Education and Demonstration Center in Nusa Dua.


Keep Coastlines and Oceans Clean and Healthy as part of a Sustainable World.


Train Indonesians in sustainable techniques of Waste Management, Planning, Systems, Construction and Day-to-Day Operations for both land and ocean-based waste. Help Develop Sustainable Environmental Businesses to strike a balance between Jobs, Business and Mother Earth.


Fundraise US$ 50,000.00

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