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StartMay 12, 2017EndJuly 14, 2017
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ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali comes with its art exhibition, ‘’What’s Next’’ Art Exhibition it’s a group art exhibition showcasing the essence of Street Art Visual. ‘’What’s Next’’ is focusing on Graffiti Art where these artists using street as their canvas and where they can explore anything there. The main idea for this Art Exhibition is to bring graffiti and street culture inside of a gallery.

‘’What’s Next’’ Art Exhibition first brought up to a conversation by Kemalezedine, an emerging contemporary artist who happened to be one of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali’s in-house artist. He gathered some of local’s street artists to participate on this art exhibition. Talents like The Punten, Unkle Joy, Ruge, Barto, Sompret, Comolo, Crack, Rorz, Tragicoo, and Rato Tanggela are ready to leave some marks, few artworks in Sanur, Bali. Working together with ARTOTEL Indonesia’s Art Manager, Mr Safrie Effendi as the curator of ‘’What’s Next’’ Art Exhibition, they are extending their horizon even further from what they showcasing earlier in Ubud. These emerging local artists are responding Indonesia thru their own perspectives, for an instance, The Punten is trying to portray West Java heritage thru his artworks; Tragicoo and Sompret are combining Javanese culture to their artworks; the last but not least Rato Tanggela capturing Sumba and its capital city.

Mr. Goya A. Mahmud, General Manager ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali said,’’This art exhibition is filled with spontaneous expression; bold and unique visualized; and a strong touch of Indonesian heritage and culture. Tremendously interesting!’’ A few note from Mr. Safrie Efendi, Art Manager ARTOTEL Indonesia, ‘’ Street Graffiti and Street Art are something that come up to the surface depend on the surroundings.’’

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