For Bali’s Ongoing Protests, and Kalimantan Forest Fires

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Last Friday, hundreds of protesters under ForBali (The People’s Forum against Reclamation) took over the Regional House of Representative’s Building (DPRD) to continue their protest against the reclamation of Bali’s Benoa Bay. ForBali unites young people, politicians, rock stars, academic and religious institutions, environmentalists and 28 villages, including all 14 in the area earmarked for reclamation. The idea of revitalization, by the Tirta Wahana Bali International (TWBI) is a $3 billion luxury resort development across four new artificial islands, including villas and apartments, a retail district, a marina and even a cultural theme park that would take up almost half of Benoa Bay in south Bali and pose serious environmental and social issues for the area.

Following the recent cases of violations and criminal activities perpetrated by a number of culprits from various nationalities, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is considering to review the President Regulation No. 21/2016 regarding visa free regulation that currently applies to 169 countries.

Indonesian police have nabbed more than 450 suspects in connection with land and forest fires this year, as part of a wider move to get tough on errant farmers and companies that still insist on using the outlawed slash-and-burn land-clearing method. It is reported that the air pollution index readings in Pontianak, West Kalimantan and its surroundings reduced slightly to the “moderate” range on Wednesday (24/08), after being marked as “unhealthy” on Tuesday following the increasing number of forest fire hotspots in the region, The Jakarta Globe reports.

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