Get refresh and healthy this summer with Aquafit exercise

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While there are a million ways to keep our body in a perfect condition, Aquafit exercise is the newest type of physical activity that involves aerobics and muscle conditioning. Designed specifically to be performed in the water, this low-impact but effective water activity takes the exercise to a new level that allows you to experience less stress on the bones, joints and muscles. In a normal hour exercise, you could burn up to 500 calories, which faster than doing ordinary exercises.

Aquafit exercise is an alternative solution to get healthy for those who suffer from joint pain or a chronic joint condition. The fact that you are being in the water, reduces more than 60 percent of your total body weight, which mean that you don’t have to carry the weight of your body through the entire exercise because you are actually floating. This also extends the exercise endurance, knowing that you perform aerobics in a cool swimming pool for a lot longer than a traditional aerobic exercise on land.

However, you don’t need to be in a certain health condition to be able to join this activity. There is no limitation of age or specific requirement. Just get in the pool and follow the instructor. Having music and fun environment around you, you will be surprised how fast an hour flew by because you are genuinely having fun in the water.

Let’s join our aquafit class every Friday and Sunday from 4pm -5 pm for in-house guest at The Leaf Jimbaran!

The Leaf Jimbaran Villa
Jalan Jepun Karang Mas Sejahtera
Jimbaran, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 4725 445


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