Global Epicurean Journey at The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts is a brand that is identical experience and storytelling. These two elements are inseparable in each of its property and we get to experience them both during the launch of the GLobal Epicurean Book by The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa.

Nestled in exclusive Nusa Dua on Bali’s most pristine beach, The Laguna Bali boasts stunning panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Imagine a hotel that stretches over 7,000 sqm in front of Nusa Dua Beach, yet they dedicate 5,000 sqm of it for their world-famous swimmable sparkling lagoons, 7 to be exact, surrounded by lush and beautiful gardens. We stayed in the Deluxe Studio room that is very impressive and spacious. It has that classic Balinese charm to it, yet still exudes luxury with its wooden floor and marble walls, spacious bathroom, and super comfortable bed. We already had so much fun and we haven’t even left our room yet.

The theme of this trip was a Global Epicurean Journey. They wanted to incorporate the signature Indigenous Experience with the launch of the Global Epicurean book. We start the journey with a Destination Discovery tour with Dwi Suparta, Chief Concierge. He starts the tour at the lobby entrance, where he explains how the whole drive-through area is surrounded by 20 little statues of Balinese musical player also known as Baleganjur. These are truly how the Balinese royals get their welcome and this is just the first of the three steps of The Laguna Royal Welcome. The second one happened when you step out of your car into the lobby. A special staff will hit a gong to notify everyone that a special guest has just arrived. Last but not least, two beautiful Balinese dancers will start their welcome dance for you. And this concludes the three royal greetings at The Laguna Bali. This is what they call an indigenous experience because even as you enter the hotel, you already feel like you are transported to a different world that is Bali.

Guest of The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa can sign up to try the Indigenous Experience too. Another part of the tour is witnessing the daily Fire Dance Ritual at the Cascade Bar and taking part in the Balinese Blessing Ceremony at the Garden Temple area. This is one special tour because Balinese is known for its spirituality element and this just makes our stay even more special.

Part of the Global Epicurean Journey is that we get to experience the amazing race challenge. This includes a morning tour to the local fish market of Kedonganan, Jimbaran as part and followed by a cooking competition sets on the palatial two-bedroom villa. The event ended with a beautiful lunch. The food that we have to make is Balinese Satay Lilit and Pepes Ikan. These two can be found everywhere in Bali, and we kind of take it for granted. We never realize how difficult it is to make and thanks to the help from Chef Made Putra and his team, we succeed in making our very own dishes.

Later at the lunch, where we are also indulged with various Balinese cuisines, we got our very own Global Epicurean Book. This is the fifth volume in The Luxury Collection series. Global Epicurean details exceptional gastronomic activities offered at these remarkable hotels, from private classes on Venetian cuisine with executive chef Daniele Turco at The Gritti Palace’s epicurean school, to a Cretan feast at the Blue Palace, to private dune dining at Al Maha in Dubai. This book also includes recipes from each Luxury Collection property, using ingredients that are locally sourced or native to the surrounding region. Of course, we can find Chef Made Putra’s recipe of Ayam Betutu on page 58 of the book. We are so very proud to see a Balinese delicacy amongst the world’s finest recipe.

The Luxury Collection has always celebrated exceptional culinary experiences as a way to transport travelers and bring a location to life. Thus, The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa will be the best place to stay if you have an insatiable appetite to travel, explore and discover. Thanks for the amazing epicurean journey!


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