Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day

Let’s Celebrate The Victory of Dharma against Adharma!

Bali is still in celebration mode, as today we celebrate Galungan. This 10-days ceremony always starts on a Wednesday (Galungan) and end on a Saturday (Kuningan). Galungan means Victory, because this is the time when the Hindu people pray and meditate to be rid of all evil, negativity and all the bad thoughts. Thus, they celebrate the victory of good over bad. Galungan is also a celebration of the day the universe first started, and how we have to be grateful for that. Go out and take pictures, you can see lots of beautiful penjor (decorated bamboo) by the street side.

Meanwhile, Easter is upon us and you know what that means: Easter brunches planning time! Easter eggs, weekend of fun and cool family activities are always something to look forward too. So, before you miss out on all the fun, check out our Easter list on our events page. We have compiled all the best agendas for you, including hotel packages, spa and food promotions, camps, and parties.

This April, we also have lots of holidays. So if you are in the mood of a quick getaway or simply wants to explore Bali we have several references for you. Check this article if you want to visit the traditional villages in Bali. For those wanting to visit East Bali, here’s the article for you.

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Oriana Titisari

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