Happy Saka New Year 1939

Such a great week for Mother Earth.Nyepi or the Day of Silence is upon us. Nyepi is peak the Hindu Bali New Year’s celebration. It is a 6 days event that ends with total silence. This is very interesting, considering how the rest of the world tend to party like crazy to celebrate New Year. This is a day where everybody set their mind to worship God through praying, fasting, meditating and self reflecting. But before that, there will be 7.079 ogoh-ogoh that will be ready for the festivities. Check out where you can see them here. You can also get a full list of Hotels Recommendations for Nyepi, here.

Just as Nyepi begins, the whole world also celebrates The Earth Hour on March 25th. As a way of showing our love to the Earth, people turn off their lights for one hour – from 8.30-9.30 PM. During Nyepi, all Bali will shut down all lights the whole day. So this will contribute lots of energy saving for a better future. Some hotels have announced their support of the Earth Hour and fun activities in the dark. Check out the list here.

This is also the week where Bali Spirit Festival is happening. Join their daily classes in yoga, meditation, healing, dance and music along with seminars focusing on health, spirituality and personal development. At night, you can join the One World One Stage concerts, which feature over than 100 performers.

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Oriana Titisari



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