Hatten Wines wins Winery of the Year

The 2017 Asian Wine Review published by Hong Kong’s Asian wine authority, The Flying Winemaker, is announcing the results of the Review’s judging in Hong Kong: Hatten Wines, Bali’s own winery is this year’s Winery of the Year. With Best Sparkling Winner award for Tunjung Sparkling Brut with 97 points, Gold Medal for Jepun Sparkling Rosé, Silver Medals for medium sweet and fruity white wine Alexandria and also the sweet fortified wine Pino de Bali, and bronze medals for Hatten Wines Rosé and dry white wine AGA White, in the same year, Hatten Wines has reached the pinnacle of Asian wines best status.

The revered booklet celebrated for presenting Asian wines to the Wine Industry, connoisseurs and amateurs, is at its second publication. The Asian Wine Review is an essential part of the continued growth of the Asian wine industry. We would like to thank all the sponsors who partnered on the 2016 edition. Their commitment to the advancement of wine production in Asia plays a large role in the future of this exciting region.

Publisher Eddie McDougall is an award-winning winemaker, wine judge, columnist and host of the acclaimed 13-episode TV series The Flying Winemaker on Discovery Network’s TLC. In 2012, Eddie was named one of the Top 20 People ‘Changing The Way We Eat and Drink’ by Time Out Hong Kong.

Eddie McDougall’s background notes for the Asian Wine Review begin with a simple statement: “In 2016 it’s hard not to take Asian wines seriously. In the short span of four years, the wines have dramatically improved in quality, as proven by the gold and silver medals awarded at elite competitions. Because of this I was compelled to give these wines a platform to be recognized annually in the Asian Wine Review.”

Hatten Wines had great results for the first year of the booklets publication with, a Best Trophy at 97 points for Pino de Bali, Bronze medals for Jepun Sparkling Rosé and Tunjung Sparkling Brut as well as for Aga White.


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