How Can We Save Dennis?

dennisWho is Dennis? Bali-based Dutch photographer, Ted van der Hulst, introduces Dennis to the world through his photographs and made us fell in love with Dennis the Orang Utan.

In February 2015, a baby orangutan was rescued on the birthday of Dennis Weening, the Ambassador of the Foundation JAAN. JAAN is the Jakarta Animal Aid Network. This orangutan was seized during a raid at a large infamous international animal trader along with dozens of other animals. They named the orangutan Dennis Weening and was brought to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) Rehabilitation Centrum in North Sumatra. After the rescue, JAAN started this Save Dennis campaign with the objectives of raising awareness on animal cruelty especially on the orangutans that could be extinct within few years.

One of the people who are moved and inspired by Dennis is Ted van der Hulst, a Dutch photographer based in Bali. He was born in the Netherlands and studied photography in Amsterdam at the Fotovakschool and graduated as a portrait photographer. Ted is a specialized portrait photographer who captures character in his photographs. And Dennis is his muse.

Ted spent one year to photograph Dennis. Naturally, his next step is to showcase Dennis’s story to the world. Thus, he recently launched his photo exhibition and photo book titled Dennis. His first exhibition is taken place in Erasmus Huis in Jakarta, and soon it will happen in Bali. The book itself will be soon available at Periplus. “SAVE DENNIS” campaign through photography is a way to speak the words that we all need to take action to save our forest, to save many of Orang Utan, to save our generation. Let’s be part of this action!



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  1. Jeannette van der Hulst

    because Ted van der Huls is our Son! And i am verry proud.

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