How to Help: Charities for Mount Agung

The alert status of Bali’s largest volcano, Mount Agung, has been raised to the highest level. The volcano has shifted from steam-driven phreatic eruptions to magmatic eruptions. It erupted three times on Saturday 25 November. At night a red glow can be observed which authorities say is light reflected from lava in the crater. 100,000 people have been instructed by authorities to evacuate, as an ash cloud spews up to 7,600 km in the air causing ash to fall in the surrounding area.

These past few days, people have been noticing a significant loss of tourist coming into Bali. People are worried about their businesses, their safety and their future. However, if we still have a roof over our head and we can still continue our daily routine because we are far away from the great Mount Agung, we should be grateful. There are still hundreds of thousands evacuates that have been living in shelters for a few months now.

This is the last month of 2017… December. Why don’t we take a moment to reflect on all the kindness and blessings we’ve received throughout the year. Okay, these couple of months are rough for business. But, the rest of the months I’m sure we’ve received many great things too. So maybe this is a chance for us to give back to Bali and its wonderful people. Here are some ways that you can help and take part in the relief effort. You can donate, or volunteer, or simply spread positive news about Bali. It’s time to lend Bali a helping hand.

1. The Mount Agung Relief group
This is a coordinated community effort – continue to respond to the most urgent and ever-evolving needs of the evacuees. The effort comprises of several Bali-based organizations and individuals including Kopernik, IDEP Foundation, Bumi Sehat, Rio Helmi, Rucina Ballinger, BaliZEN and the Green School Parents.

“The situation is volatile and the needs are evolving by the minute,” said Kopernik’s Chief Operating Officer, Ewa Wojkowska. “It’s just not possible to predict how long this situation will continue but tens of thousands of people need assistance now as they wait in temporary evacuation centers,” she said.

Approximately 29,000 evacuees are currently residing in 223 temporary evacuation centers across the island. While many people in the affected region had returned home in recent weeks, they are returning to evacuation centres along with thousands more from within the evacuation zone of 8-10km.

Due to the fall of volcanic ash from the eruption, authorities have advised anyone located near the volcano, and in Bali, to prepare face masks and eye protection. The Mount Agung Relief effort is continuing to provide N95 masks, including special children’s masks, adding to the 20,000 already distributed.

Over the past two months the Mount Agung Relief Effort has delivered more than 40 truckloads of critical supplies to 20 evacuation points and built 26 toilets. Additionally, two volcano and community disaster response experts have been brought on board to train more than 700 community leaders in evacuation and emergency preparedness.

As of 27 November, the Mount Agung Relief Effort has raised USD$97,482, thanks to the support of more than 720 donors. Moving forward, the collective effort will continue to respond to the most pressing needs of the evacuees who wait in uncertainty for an unspecified period of time.

For donations:
Yayasan Kopernik
+62361 – 977 233

2. Bali Children’s Project – Mount Agung Appeal
Please help the Bali Children’s Project to donate supplies to refugees pending the predicted eruption of Mount Agung in Bali. Bali Children’s Project will be collecting and delivering all supplies, in partnership with evacuation zone villages and authorities.
Donate here:

3. Bumi Sehat Foundation
Over 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, unlikely to return. Your help provides shelter, food and medical services for pregnant evacuees and their families. Bumi Sehat clinic in Nyuh Kuning is acting as a drop-off point for donations. Our team delivers the much needed supplies to displaced communities directly affected by this state of emergency.

What We Need: N-95 Face Masks | Shovels & Work Gloves | Foods (Ready to eat and healthy) | Burn Ointments | Inhalers | Clean Bedding | Eye Drops | Coffee, Tea, Sugar | Towels | First Aid Supplies | Buckets | Tarps | Solar Lights | Water Filters & Funding

Monetary Donations: Donations can be made online HERE or in person at the clinic.

4. East Bali Poverty Project – Mount Agung Appeal
Violent tremors around Mount Agung since September 18th indicate potential risk of eruption. Thousands of people from Desa Ban have already evacuated to North Bali, Sanur and Gianyar and need help urgently, especially children, elderly, sick & disabled, and pregnant women.

Bottled water, staple foods (rice, egg, noodles, etc), baby foods & diapers, formula milk, first aid supplies, hygiene kits, smog masks, etc.

DONATE here:


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