It’s all about the spices!

spice-mantraa_4I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for some festivities, I think of Bollywood. Their fun music, their vibrant clothes and their awesome food just bring comfort to my soul. The great news is: Bollywood has just arrived in Bali and it came in the name of Spice Mantraa.

spice-mantraa_5Located in the prime tourist destination of Jl. Kartika, right in the opposite of Discovery Shopping Center, Spice Mantraa is the perfect place to spend a night out with our friends. They take the diner on a culinary journey of classic Indian fare with a contemporary global twist. This combined with the casual, relaxing ambience and legendary Indian hospitality is all part of the delightful blend that is the highlight of the ‘Spice Mantraa’ experience.

spice-mantraa_1Spice Mantraa offers an eclectic menu which is inspired by authentic, age old and popular recipes from the length and breadth of India’s diverse culinary canvas spanning Kashmir in the North to the coasts of Kerala in the South and the hamlets of Gujarat in the West to the pristine hills of Arunachal Pradesh in the East. The classics are presented as a series of invocations, mantras that, coupled with the playfulness of molecular gastronomy and avant-garde cuisine, create dishes that will delight the diner with their complexity and wittiness. Spice Mantraa is this alchemy of tastes, reinvented for the modern gourmet by a team of four ambitious and creative chefs from different parts of India.

spice-mantraa_3Spice Mantraa is the first restaurant from BDC Holdings, a global conglomerate based in Dubai. So they make sure everything is up to their high standards, from the décor, the entertainment and the food. Over the next few years, I am sure we will see more of their properties and business in Bali and throughout Asia.

spice-mantraa_2For reservation, contact:

+62 812 469 2567 4 /


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