Jakarta Concert Orchestra at Padma Resort Legian

Padma Resorts Legian has proven time and time again that it is one of the main supporters of classical music and fine arts. After a successful Ananda Sukarlan’s concert Rhapsodia Nusantara, now Padma Resort Legian presents Jakarta Concert Orchestra.

Jakarta Concert Orchestra is directed by one of Indonesia’s best conductor, Avip Priatna and perfected by his musical troop; Giovani Biga on violin, Marini Widyastari and Metta Faurizka Ariono on flute, also Wirya Satya on Oboe, they will be performing classical pieces from Beethoven to Indonesian folk songs.

Avip Priatna pursued his study at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and completed his Magister Artium with a high laude distinction from the Catholic University of Parahyangan. He then founded Jakarta Chamber Orchestra in 2002 with the aim of delivering excellent symphony orchestra to more people. Throughout his musical career, Priatna has performed in countless orchestras and won several awards around the world.

The night was divided into two parts where the orchestra will perform 10 extraordinary pieces. The first half was an introduction to the Jakarta Concert Orchestra and a dazzling performance by Wirya Satya and the two flutist Marini Widyastari and Metta Faurizka. The second half was exciting and playful. They started off with a piece from Beethoven, which was the Romance in F Major, Op 50 featuring the amazing Giovani Biga on Violin. Then on to an interesting Rumanian Folk Dances. The crowd was excited to hear the orchestra version of Bohemian Rhapsody that brings back beautiful memories. The Typewriter gets the people clapping because it is so witty. It shows a playful side of the orchestra. Then they move on to their version of Rek Ayo Rek, an Indonesian folk song.

As the Jakarta Concert Orchestra comes to an end, and the group are ready for their standing ovation, Avip Priatna decided to grace us one last time with a fun take on Burung Kakatua, a childhood song from Indonesia. The crowd clap along and even sing along to the performance. This makes the night unforgettable.


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