Krakakoa – The Pride of Indonesian Chocolate!

This time and age, people got a new understanding and new profound love towards all things Indonesia. They take pride in the local products, and now the world is noticing us even more. Krakatoa is one brand that did just that!

This 2017, we got great news all the way from London, at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate (AOC) Awards. Krakakoa Won 6 medals at the prestigious Academy of Chocolate 2017 Awards and we are super proud. Krakakoa is a “farmer-to-bar” chocolate maker founded as “Kakoa” in 2013 in Lampung, Sumatra by Sabrina Mustopo (Indonesia) and Simon Wright (South Africa). Driven to improve the lives of Indonesian farmers, Kakoa rebranded as Krakakoa in October 2016 with a renewed mission to improve the quality of Indonesian cocoa beans and the sustainability of the cocoa farming sector. By supporting Indonesian farmers with tools and training to become master craftsmen in their trade, the Krakakoa training program is developed and run by some of the world’s leading experts and organizations, including WWF, Cacao Services, and Swisscontact.

“We started Krakakoa on the belief that we can produce some of the world’s best chocolate in Indonesia, using 100% Indonesian beans. Indonesia is the world’s 3rd largest producer of cocoa beans, but when we think about premium chocolate, most people only consider imported chocolate like those from Switzerland or Belgium,” said Sabrina Mustopo, CEO and Founder of Krakakoa.

Krakakoa has won a total of six medals, making them the first Indonesian chocolate maker to win any award at this reputable annual competition. This is a monumental achievement for Krakakoa, and its founders are optimistic that this will propel Indonesia’s home-grown and fermented cocoa beans onto the world stage.

“Our bars were judged amongst hundreds, if not thousands of the world’s best chocolates, so the only way to could be amongst the winners is due to the constant effort we have put into our quality. We are always trying to improve the taste and texture of our products and carefully evaluate each batch of beans we receive,” said Simon Wright, Co-founder of Krakakoa, on what makes their product differ to other chocolate makers.

To keep up with their achievements, Sabrina and the Krakakoa team has promised to not let chocolate aficionados wait too long for more surprises. “We are working on some unique creations that will be released later this year. Apart from that, I think the next step for us will be to aim for gold award in next year AOC event,” added Sabrina.

If you’re curious, you can get Krakakoa at these places: Ngurah Rai Airport, Bintang, Canggu Station, Delta Dewata, Dufry, Grand Lucky, Hardy’s, IDP Galeria, Papaya, SP Midi, Tino Market, WH Smith. Congrats Krakakoa!


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