“Love is Blind Huh!” art exhibition at ARTOTEL Sanur

Three Indonesian young emerging artist talks about love on “Love is Blind Huh!” art exhibition at ARTSPACE of ARTOTEL Sanur –Bali. BOMBDALOVE, Suku Tangan and Srizkiki interpret the feeling of love through their artwork from February 24, 2017 until April 24, 2017. Love is Blind Huh! The theme was chosen by Safrie Effendi as the curator and Art Manager of ARTOTEL Indonesia. He thought that everyone knows how it feels to fall in love and speak up about love. Love sometimes get personify with pink color, balloons, chocolate, teddy bear and roses. On this time, these three emerging artist and Safrie took the other version of love by changing their dogma with incisive character, firm and a bit dark..

How do these artists interpret love? Suku Tangan collaborates with Sekar Wulandari who wrote a short love story with a feminist twist. Suku Tangan creates four painting that captures the love journey of a couple that lost themselves in the relationship and rediscovery. Srizkiki gave love a more surreal feel and romance. She plays with texture and medium to tell a story about unrequited love – and how to put a positive spin of the pain. Meanwhile, BOMBDALOVE visualize life struggle and hope to fight for love.

General Manager of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, Goya A. Mahmud said “These three young artists gives us a different side of love story and surprisingly, now I can see love from another angle. You can see how they express differently about love. It is such a warm hearted to keep supporting young people like them”.


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