Modern Myth Exhibition Opening

modern-myth-exhibition-opening-1Indonesia has 17.000 islands, each with their own mythical stories such as monsters, Gods and magic. Some myths lived in the past, and some are still alive to this day. From the Rimung Aulia (Saint Tiger) that protects the forests of Aceh, the Touta monster who hides children in Central Sulawesi, to the Kategteg (feet), Kamangmang (heads), Tangan-Tangan (hands) – a Balinese monster made up of body parts that drags itself around the rice fields. Modern myths exhibition was the interpretation of these myths from three young emerging artists.

The Modern Myth exhibition was presented by Artotel Sanur Bali and Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, and curated by Summa Durie. Just like its name, Artotel is really dedicated in its commitment to support emerging talented local artists in creative and unexpected ways. The boutique hotel is a canvas showcasing thought – provoking artworks by some of the most relevant Bali based contemporary artists of today. This is why the choice of the hotel played an important role for the exhibition by immersing participants in contemporary art atmosphere.

modern-myth-exhibition-opening-2The three artists involved in this exhibition are: Rio Simatupang (Palu, Central Sulawesi), Kuncir Sathya Viku (Bali), Arnis and Muhammad (Banda Aceh). They addressed and presented their own contemporary styles and imaginations in connecting between mythology matters into real life. The myths of old get a colorful, pop, modern bringing them into the present of some of Indonesia’s most exiting emerging artists.

Each artist’s work was exposed around us on the lobby wall. After the global presentation, they could exchange singly with all the participants and answer more precisely and personally to the questions, which create intimate atmosphere. We were well received by the organizers and we thank all of them for the warm welcome. The exhibition will be available to enjoy at the Artotel Sanur, Bali until 14 December 2016. Don’t miss it!




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