More Rainy Days for Bali for At Least another Month

Good day from Bali!

It seems that the rainy days are here to stay. The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics said that  due to La Nina, the start of the dry season will be delayed for one or two months, including for Bali. At the moment, it season has arrived in only 50 percent of Indonesia’s regions.

Indonesia has recorded over 6.9 million foreign-tourist arrivals following the implementation of a free-visa policy for citizens of 169 countries. Immigration Directorate General spokesman Heru Santoso said 4,095,264 of the foreigners were from 15 countries that have reciprocal agreements with Indonesia, while 2,881,945 arrived from 144 countries that have no such pact, The Jakarta Post Reports.

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