New Menu at Tiger Palm Bali

We all know and love Tiger Palm for recreating Asia’s street and kitchen favourites to its table. Now, Chef Palm Amatawet takes us to a more vibrant and colourful food journey as he introduces Tiger Palm’s new menu, and we’re loving it.

What’s your favourite street food? Here in Bali, we enjoy Martabak or satay as our midnight snack and prefer a bowl of Bakso rather than fancy high tea. In Thailand, you might crave some spicy Pad Thai, or that mango salad. The Chinese love their Dim Sum, while in Malaysia you gotta have that Nasi Lemak or laksa. There are so many foods that we eat as we are growing up in our hometown or we tried when we are travelling and can’t get enough of. When we miss that memory or that authentic taste, there’s nowhere to go aside from Tiger Palm Bali.

Tiger Palm Bali is part of the Sarong group lead by super chef Will Meyrick. This ensures that the restaurant uses high-quality ingredients and maximize the use of local produce in their dishes. However, this August, Chef Palm Amatawet from Thailand reclaim the kitchen and introduces his own take on Asia’s street food.

First, we try his version of Soft Shell Crab Mango Salad that’s just super balanced. It’s not too sour like most Mango Salad, but it’s rather spicy and sour at the same time. The crunch of the mango goes well with the soft shell and it’s super good. Then we try the Duck Rice Roll that is so light yet tasty. The sauce is heavenly as it mixes sesame oil with soy sauce. It’s thicker than what we are used to, but the flavour is all there. Other appetizer options include Ocean Fresh Squid Salad with Green Mango, or the most delicious looking food in the menu, Pork Belly Salad.

On to the main course, the chef sends us his signature dish Pork Belly Soup. Don’t imagine some regular soup. This one came with a generous portion of yellow noodle, egg, mushroom and of course that beautiful pork belly. It looks like ramen but has the clean flavour profile of a soup. It’s heavenly, especially for those feeling under the weather. The opposite of the soup is a rich bowl of Prawn Curry. It is so tasty and The mini kebab looks super yummy. And their open martabak is something you must try. It looks so beautiful. We haven’t tried all of their new menus, but from what we’ve had so far we wouldn’t mind coming over them a few times more to try it all.

Tiger Palm’s bar is fully licensed for all day bar service of fine wines and beer alongside classic and contemporary cocktails. Tiger Palm opens daily between 9AM and 12 AM.

Seminyak Village, Ground Floor


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