The ONE Legian & Hotel Vila Lumbung Share Free Ta’jil On the Road

Celebrating Ramadan 1439 H, The ONE Legian & Hotel Vila Lumbung held a social event in the form of distributing 500 free ta’jil on the road. The ta’jil parceling took place at the roundabout of a horse statue, near Ngurah Rai Airport at Tuban highway section. This location was chosen because it is close to the Great Mosque of Asasuttaqwa, where there is a Muslim foundation for children.

#YukBerbagiTa’jil 2018

The activity was conducted on Thursday, 07 June 2018 at 17.00 WITA. The whole range of department heads and representatives of the two hotels were directly involved in handing out the ta’jil. There are some fresh drinks and various sweets, savory and salty snacks completed with some dates.

#YukBerbagiTa’jil event

We found the pedestrians were quite enthusiastic about receiving this free ta’jil, in just 30 minutes, the whole ta’jil has run out,” said General Manager & Advisor of The ONE Legian & Hotel Vila Lumbung, Eka Pertama.

This #YukBerbagiTa’jil activity is the first time for both hotels, and will become an annual agenda in the future.

“In addition to ta’jil, in this month of Ramadan we also held many activities such as sponsoring orphanage children, holding public health events that open for public, also breaking the fast together. This is a form of concern from The ONE Legian & Hotel Vila Lumbung to others. Hopefully, it can provide benefits and blessings for everyone.” he said.

Road to 7th Anniversary #ONEforAll

After the #YukBerbagiTa’jil, the event continued with #YukBukBer or Buka Bersama with the employees of The ONE Legian & Hotel Vila Lumbung.


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