Padang Bali Boat Accident & Other Updates

Good day from Bali!

Last week, an Austrian woman and another woman believed to be Spanish have been killed and 17 other foreigners hurt in an explosion on a ferry that had just left the resort island of Bali. Another woman is believed to have lost both her legs from just below the knee during this afternoon’s incident. The Gili Cat 2 fast boat had just left Padangbai harbor, in East Bali, heading for the Gili Islands, when there was an explosion on board.

Indonesia’s national carrier is planning to re-launch flights to the US via a transit in Japan after a safety ban imposed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lasting nearly a decade was lifted in August. Garuda Indonesia is hoping to begin operations as soon as next year, pending preparatory work and a transit permit approval from Japan. The airline will most likely fly to the city of Los Angeles or New York, the two cities Garuda regards as having the highest market potential, TTG Asia reports.

We recently visited one of the best places to have casual Italian food in the Island, Settimo Cielo to try their latest promotion, the Seventh Heaven Grazing Lunch menu.  Read our review here, and we dare you to not crave some quick bites for yourself!

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