Plaza Renon is Officially Open!

Last June, the long awaited new hangout hub in Denpasar hass finally open: Plaza Renon. Want to see what they have to offer? We visited their opening party and we fell in love with the place!

What makes Plaza Renon different from other Malls in Bali? First, it is located right at the heart of Renon, making the place a perfect meeting point for families, business people, government officials to students. It is within walking distance from the people’s favourite park: Niti Mandala Park, and it is surrounded by schools, universities, offices and embassies. And with a spacious parking space that fits 200 cars, Plaza Renon is just an ideal meeting spot.

With a tagline: Meet, Eat and Fun, Plaza Renon offers various options of entertainment for the whole family. For those with kids, there’s a Strider arena that will be open till July 15th and a big Amazone game center. There’s also Gramedia Book Store, so it’s convenient to shop for school supplies and books when School starts. For the soft opening there will be an automotive fair at the Main Atrium. So the dads can get a kick of entertainment too. Moreover, in a couple of months, they will also open Cinemaxx. So much entertainment in one spot.

For restaurants, they are commited to bringing unique and new names in Bali. That is why we are excited to try them all. One of the biggest one there is the Kou Dim Sum Parlor, offering modern and authentic chinese menu. They also have Pecopeco Sushi from Surabaya that offers a one meter sushi platter. If you want something instagram worthy, visit Orso Coffee that have a selfie coffee. Yup, you can print your picture on a coffee cup. So cool. On the other hand, they will also have established brands like Starbucks, Mama Malaka, Wafflelicious and many more. Papaya and Komugi Bakery is also coming up soon. This means, more options for you to meet up and dine with your friends.

Plaza Renon sits on more than 14.000 square meters and will have around 50 tenants. The President Director of Plaza Renon, Made Bayu Adisastra, is very excited with the upcoming development of Plaze Renon. Including the new creative hub that will be located on the rooftop. “We want to embrace all the local entrepeneur and creative communities to come and showcase their ability in our Mall. That is why we have this Colony Creative Hub that will be a meeting space, coworking space and restaurants. We also have a bazaar space in our Mall – The Lokal House that gives opportunities for local business to sell their stuff.”

There is so much to see and experience at this new Mall. Come and visit it!

Plaza Renon
Jalan Puputan, Renon, Denpasar.
+62361 474 8301


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