Press Play: The Deus Backyard X The Allah Las

Canggu has been crowded with the Deus 9ft & Single Surf, Art and Music Fest this week. Their main party comes last Friday night as Allah Las came for a free concert, and boy it was a blast!

The band was recently chosen as one the 15 best act at Coachella 2017 by Rolling Stone magazine. So, yes, everybody was excited to come and see this band play. Deus Backyard filled up pretty fast. Everybody got a beer or drinks in hand and ready for a chill night. Alfonzo kicks up the night with his accoustic performance. He got everybody in the mood for some good music. People who participated in the festival the morning before all gathered and mingle over great food and cold drinks.

Then, Lewie Dunn takes the stage. We’ve been seeing him all over Deus’s instagram from the festival. With a guitar in his hand and a backing track tape behind him. If you look him up on Soundcloud (LewieBuddons) you’ll see that he has 10 tracks to his name, like Paranoid, Jane, Kwack and many more. With his catchy tunes, his good looks and his charming persona, the crowds start to gather up in front of the stage and we can see that it’s a full crowd at the Backyard. Everybody was on their feet and started dancing. It’s getting hotter by the minute.

Allah Las start their performance around 9 PM. Allah-Las is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 2008. The band consists of Matthew Correia (percussion), Spencer Dunham (bass), Miles Michaud (vocals, guitar), and Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar). Being from California makes their tunes familar and suited with the Bali crowds. Their sound is cultivated from the annals of California culture; the perfect mixture of the sands, the seas, the streets and cities of the golden state. It’s the perfect songs for a chill night in Bali, and that’s exactly what Allas Las gave us. The night ends at 10.30 PM because the festival is still going the next morning. But as we wrap up the night, we can’t stop humming the catchy songs of Allah Las. This is a great night, indeed.

Check out Deus’s website for more info on the next cool events in their backyard.


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