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As the news of Mount Agung eruption fills our timelines and television, the number one product that people are looking for is a face mask to avoid breathing toxins and ash in the air. We searched all over Bali and found this product that we simply love: OmPure Airmasks.

OmPure is a brand well known amongst the yoga community in Bali. They are known for their high-quality yoga wear. However, in 2016 they started producing the world’s first fully organic activated carbon-filtered mask – the OmPure AirMask. Combining stylish design, quality manufacturing and using local materials including plant-dyed organic cotton, the OmPure AirMask offers the best air protection there is.

In regards to the Mount Agung eruption, many experts report that heavy flow of ashes will be covering Bali depending on wind direction, with ash sightings already in Sanur and Denpasar. Mount Agung is also likely to erupt toxic vapors. The best way to protect yourself and your family is by using the OmPure AirMask every day.

In coincidental timing, OmPureAir has just launched its newest model, the OmPure MetaMask.. world’s first organic + nanofibre filtration system developed in New Zealand, and scientifically proven to remove 99.99% of all toxins, smoke, ash, dust, particulates, gases, fumes, acrid air, pollen, mold and pathogens.

Moreover, unlike cheap paper masks that do not protect against toxic air or fumes, OmPure’s MetaMask assured protection with a longer lifespan. With proper care, the optimal environmental performance of the OmPureAir mask is 3 months plus. You can regenerate the carbon filter by exposing the mask to sun and wind too. Cleaning is also pretty easy, by lightly spraying the mask with water and gentle detergent (or natural antiseptic) and drying in the sun or breeze.

Given the likelihood of Mount Agung continuing to erupt over many months, using an efficient and proven facemask is not a luxury but a NECESSITY. The air quality of Bali may contain ash, silicon and toxic fumes for longer than we’d like.. so it’s ESSENTIAL to protect yourself and your family. From everything I’ve been able to find, OmPure AirMasks is the best product you can use.

OmPureAir masks are available in Small (suitable for kids 8yrs+), Medium, Large and X-Large.

For information and to order online visit OmPureAir: MetaMasks can also be purchased at many locations including Bali Buda, Down to Earth, Alchemy, Yoga Barn and the OmPure shop, Jl. Hanuman N. 46, Ubud. If you need quantity or require commercial discount, email


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