Profile Of The Month: Gita Sunarwulan, Senior Manager Bali Collection, Head of APPBI DPP Bali

gita-bali-collection4Shopping is a way to a woman’s heart. And this is something Gita Sunarwulan knows best. This 2016 marks her 10 years working at Bali Collection, and boy does she knows a lot. This might be one reason why she was chosen as the Head of APPBI (Indonesia’s Shopping Center Management Association) Bali Branch. She has to manage the strategies, not only to bring people in to these shopping Malls, but also to promote Bali tourism through the Malls. When she talks about this, she could go on and on with such fire in her eyes. Let’s take a peek into the conversations Whats New Bali had with this amazing lady.

WNB: Can you tell us a bit about the history of Bali Collection?

Gita: Not many people know this but Bali Collection is part of the long history in Bali’s shopping Malls. We actually had the area since 1989 and since Nusa Dua is such a big area we wanted to build a shopping complex for this market. We open under the name Galleria Nusa Dua in 1992. In 2004, we closed everything for renovation and aim the higher-class tourist that came to Nusa Dua.  We did the rebranding under Bali Collection and we open in December 2005.

gita-bali-collection3WNB: So what is your role here?

Gita: I am the Senior Manager, so I have to be in charge of everything in Bali Collection, in operation, tenants relations, promotions and all other aspects.

WNB: This year marked your 10 years working at Bali Collection. What makes you stay so long?

Gita: I always think that wherever I worked it will be the same. It’s about finding things we love in our job. The challenge I had in Bali collection is bigger, and this makes it more exciting. Without we realize it, 10 years flew by in a second.

WNB: Wow, 10 year is a long time. What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Gita: When I first joined Bali Collection there are 30% occupancy. It’s not easy selling this place and finding tenants. Because of its unusual layout and big space. In Block C, the minimum size of the building is 300 square meters. With Malls, we count the rent per-square meter, so it might be intimidating for some. But with hard work, we proved to our tenants that the management will work together with them in bringing people to Bali Collection. Now we’re proud to say that we’re at 100% occupancy. Not only that we will also have a new culinary concept coming soon.

gita-bali-collection2WNB: Congratulations for the 100% occupancy. What do you think is the secrets in making the tenants happy?

Gita: We have to maintain good relationship and communication with them. Listen to their feedback and always follow up their complaints. Make sure that they are heard and we execute their suggestions. But I think the most important thing is to keep the traffic high and bring the crowds to the Mall.

WNB: Can you tell us more about your role in APPBI?

Gita: Last October 14th, I was appointed as the head of APPBI DPP Bali. As you know APPBI had DPP in 12 provinces in Indonesia. In Bali, there are 8 members. One of my work-plan is to make joint events to increase the number of tourist coming to Bali, through the Malls. We just had our first event “Wonderful Indonesia Culinary & Shopping Experience” throughout Indonesia. In Bali, all the Malls takes turn and make their own event. As you might know, we did our version of setting a record on the longest fish pepes in Bali with Bali Culinary Professionals – 10 meters. It was so much fun!

WNB: So, you have to plan and execute events with APPBI, but also in Bali Collection?

Gita: Everything is possible, off course, with the help of all my team here. Bali Collection, when we first started, was aimed for the international tourist class A, A+. But now, we want to bring the crowd and the local communities here too. So, every month, my team and I will come up with a theme, or we invite the clubs, or associations to do their events here. Last month, we have the Nusa Dua Coffee Week and we invite the best professionals and all coffee lovers to come; We did a joint event with the Vespa communities and did a Vespa Pasar Kaget; Also, Stretch Out Day for all the yoga, zumba and sport lover. We did all of this as part of our commitment to the tenants, that we will bring people to our Mall.

WNB: Last question, what do you do for fun?

Gita: I know this might sound cheesy, but I go shopping. Yes, of course we live in Bali and there’s the beach. But for me, going to the Mall is perfect. I would rather spend my days strolling the Malls then a day at the beach.


Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua, 80363

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