Profile Of The Month: Krisna Decaran, FB Manager Aim Hospitality

krisna-decaran-2Behind every great restaurant, there’s an amazing manager running every aspect of the operation. It’s choosing the supplier, training the staff, creating new things, choosing the music and many more. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, he had to make sure that all work together in harmony and create beautiful symphony. Under his tough yet cool management style, Krisna Decaran has led Ubud’s finest restaurants such as Petani, Manisan and Herb Library. Such an inspiration.

WNB: Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Krisna: My job in general to ensure service and product offered in both outlet, Petani or Manisan. But more than that, my biggest responsibility is to make the guests and all my staff happy. Everyday, we do a briefing amongst the staff to always be reminded of our standard quality for guest convenience. We work together to give the best service. If my staff happy of course the guest would be more than happy to receive every single moment delivered from my staff. Thus, they will come back and dine with us again.

WNB: You’ve worked with the AIM Hospitality group for four years now. What do you love about them?

Krisna: I love most of the concept simple-elegant not too notorious and pretentious. Most important thing of all is how the management always nurtured my creativities and allow it to grow along with the outlets I’m working in.

krisna-decaran-3WNB: Indeed, you are one of the most creative guy I know. There’s always something new. What is your favorite cocktail that you have here?

Krisna: An idea can occur from simple thought. One of the cocktail I invented was inspired by holy water of Tirta Gangga. I name it Floral Cocktail, which is made of Noble Champaka and Ylang-Ylang flora house-infused with local spirits. Voila the result is like spritz perfumes in your cocktails.

WNB: Wow, that sounds amazing.

Krisna: Haha, you just need to find inspiration. Sometimes we need to enrich into our original root as our own reference food for thought. As I mentioned earlier, I love to visit traditional warung with its own heritage recipes and most of them really rare now. Seeing these places, will always give me inspiration.

WNB: How did your passion for food begins?

Krisna: Even as a child, I always want to try new food. I love simple comfort food roared in most distinguished street, such as warung in traditional ways and not as pretentious.

WNB: What is your favorite local food?

Krisna: My comfort food is rujak in any version. This spicy seasonal fruit salad sometimes can be really weird because I will put everything in it from seaweed, stone fruits, ripen fruits, peanuts as even banana. But my ultimate list is Rujak Utu, a very rare food because its uses an indigenous fruit similar like jackfruit family. I think it might be available at warung in remote area. I love to explore perennial dishes from the past. Bali has lots of them but it’s going to be forgotten. My passion is to keep these culinary treasures alive.

WNB: What do you do to relax?

Krisna: I usually ride and join bike touring, for me speed is everything.

WNB: Last question, Manisan is a new player in Bali restaurant scene. Why should we eat there?

Krisna: Because of the beautiful venue with rice fields and William Wongso’s culinary wonder where he showcases his unique Indonesian cuisine with the flavor from all over archipelagos.

krisna-decaran-4PETANI & MANISAN

Jl. Hanoman, Ubud



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