Profile Of The Month: Sven Walter, General Manager of The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

The New Kid On The Block just got itself a new Headmaster. But Sven Walter is not your typical leader. He believes in passing on his knowledge and that he should lead by example. He had climbed the ladder of leadership, one step at a time, and it makes his perspective as the General manager of The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali whole and complete. We drop by Anvaya to chat with Mr. Sven Walter. It is such a humbling experience, like the man himself.

WNB: How’s life and work at The Anvaya so far?
Sven: So far, it’s been great. I started off in March this year, so I got a lot of catching up to do and getting to know the staff, the property and Bali itself. Now, I feel like I have a sense of routine and already in sync with the Anvaya vibe.

WNB: Have you been exploring Bali? What’s your favourite part?
Sven: Even though I have been busy, I always set aside the weekend or my day off for some exploring. Me and my wife have a list of all the places we wanted to visit. Last time we visited the Uluwatu Temple and manage to see the Kecak dance. It was spectacular… the whole dance, the setting, everything.

WNB: You are not new with the Island lifestyle, right. You’ve lived in quite a lot of places before Bali.
Sven: Yes, you’re right. I was born and raised in Switzerland. But ever since I had the chance to work and live in 10 different countries, such as America, Nigeria, Mauritius, Myanmar, Maldives, and Thailand. If there’s one thing I learned from living in different countries is how to adjust yourself in a different setting. The island lifestyle is different from the lifestyle in Switzerland that I am accustomed to. But it’s always interesting to learn from the new culture we’re exposed to, and make use of the experience I’ve had so far.

WNB: Wow, that sounds amazing. What’s more amazing is your background. You studied as a technician, ended up as a Chef and now you’re a General Manager. That shows a lot about how good you are at adapting, right?
Sven: Well, you can say that. When I was growing up, I have two brothers who shared the same path as I do. They all studied something completely different, yet ended up as a Chef. I chose Electronic Technician, at that time. But as I was finishing, my brothers convinced me to try the Chef’s training. I only wanted to see what it is about. Then I was hooked and continued my career as a profesional Chef. I guess it runs in the family. Then I got hooked on hotel management when I become the EAM of Food & Beverage and then Resident Manager. I decided to study Hotel Management. My first assignment as a General Manager was in Myanmar. A few countries later, here I am as the GM of Anvaya Beach Resort Bali.

WNB: How do you start your day?
Sven: I like to start my day really early. I leave before traffic starts and I got my coffee with me. This is important: my coffee. I am probably the first one in the office. I love that time of day where its quiet, and I can just sit down, read all my emails and reply them before the day get hectic.

WNB: What do you do to motivate your staff?
Sven: As I mentioned before, I come from a certain background and experience. Starting a new job at a new place is always a challenge. So, I believe in leading by example. We can talk, and dictate and insist on doing what we want how we want it. In the end people will see how you work, and how you solve problems and they will follow your lead.

WNB: How important is mentoring program for you?
Sven: When I first started working, I had the priviledge of meeting and working with great people who taught me a lot. Now that I have got some experience of my own, I believe it is time for me to pass some of the knowledge to people working with or for us. One of my greatest pleasure is to see this passing of knowledge come to be. I will be so proud when one of my staff moved on to higher ranks or get a great position somewhere. Their success is my greatest pleasure.

WNB: Last question, what makes Anvaya Beach Resort Bali special?
Sven: People have been talking about Kuta for a long time. However, it has been quite a while since we had a new five star property in the neighbourhood. So I believe Anvaya has that edge, as the new kid on the block. We are new; our resort is luxurious and still embraces Balinese culture; our ballrom is one of the biggest one in the area; We have our private beach with Sunset view; Our restaurants are amazing; and we have lots of cool events and promotions coming your way. I am personally excited to work at Anvaya Beach Resort Bali and its group. Just wait for our next surprises.

Jl. Kartika Plaza, Tuban
+62361 759 991


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